Lenox Historic House Plaque Program

About the Program

The Lenox Historical Commission is pleased to offer property owners an Historic House Plaque for buildings constructed before 1923. We hope these plaques will promote pride of ownership and renew interest in the Town’s historically significant buildings. The plaques do not impose restrictions on properties. Date and name plaques have long expressed distinction in historic communities and provided an excellent means of public education. The information on the plaque defines the architectural and social history of the town and the date reflects a period of style in home construction.

What You Need To Do:

Gather information on the history of your house and complete the Lenox Historic House Plaque Application. Remember to provide the sources of the information with your application.

What To Look For:

The date of construction, use of the building over time, history and occupation of original owner (or subsequent significant owners), the name of the house, if any, and the architect or builder.


An Historical Commission member will contact you after your Application is received to confirm date and discuss wording on the plaque. If the exact date cannot be determined, circa or c. will be used.

When To Expect Your Plaque:

4-6 weeks after confirmation, it will be shipped directly to you. These custom-made, hand-painted plaques have black lettering on a white background.


$85.00, make check payable to Town of Lenox, include with your application, and send to: Lenox Historical Commission, Town Hall, 6 Walker Street, Lenox, MA 01240.