Town By-Laws, Regulations, & Policies

                                These are not the official versions of the Town of Lenox By-Laws, Regulations of Sewer Use, Water Rules and Regulations, Traffic Rules and Orders, and Cemetery Rules and Regulations of the Town. While reasonable efforts have been made to assure the accuracy of the data provided, please do not rely on this information without first checking an official 2005 Edition which is available at the Town Hall, 6 Walker Street.

2018 Town BylawsAny Town departments, commissions or functions not governed by these By-Laws are covered by pertinent provisions of the Massachusetts General Laws.                                                                                                   
Cemetery Department RegulationsRegulation of Cemetery Use in the Town of Lenox, County of Berkshire, Commonwealth of Massachusetts, enacted in accordance with the provisions of M.G.L. Chapter 114.
Development Review GuidebookGuide to the development review and approval process required by the Town of Lenox and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.
Donations for Public Installations PoliciesProcess for handling public and private gifts on Town-owned land.
Historic District By-Law

Preservation of the distinctive characteristics of buildings and places significant in the history of Lenox.

Historic District GuidelinesHistoric District Commission ensures that alterations and new construction within the Historic District occur in a manner that preserves and respects Lenox’s unique heritage.
Scenic Mountain ActProtect watershed resources and to preserve the natural scenic qualities of the mountain region.
Scenic Mountain Act Map

Regulations apply to the areas delineated in the Town of Lenox and shown on the approved map of mountain regions.

Sewer Use RegulationsRegulating the use of public and private sewers and drains, the installation and connection of building sewers, and the discharge of waters and wastes into the public sewer system, authorizing the Town to establish reasonable charges for the use of sewers, and providing penalties for violations thereof.
Subdivision of Land RegulationsSubdivision Control Law protects the welfare of Town inhabitants by regulating adequate access to all of the lots in a subdivision by ways that will be safe and convenient for travel.
Traffic RegulationsAt a public hearing held by the Board of Selectmen, an amendment to the regulations was adopted.
Water Use RegulationsRegulating the use of the public water system, the installation and connection of building services, authorizing the Town to establish reasonable charges for the use of the water system, and providing penalties for violations thereof.
Zoning By-Law

Enacted to promote the general welfare of the Town of Lenox, to protect the healthy and safety of its inhabitants, to encourage the most appropriate use of land through out the town, and to increase the amenities of the Town.

Zoning MapLocation and boundaries of districts are hereby established as shown on the Town of Lenox Zoning Map.