What is the role of the Municipal Building Official?

The Municipal Building Official, whose titles include Building Commissioner, Inspector of Buildings and Local Inspector, is charged with the enforcement of the State Building Code.

Often, the Building Official is also appointed by the municipality to enforce local Zoning Provisions related the use and construction of structures and buildings within their jurisdiction.

Zoning and building construction are so interconnected that, to prevent delays, it makes sense to appoint the Building Official in this capacity.

The Building Official reviews permit applications for compliance with the State Building Code and upon review completion either issues or denies the permit. The Building Official conducts inspections on new and existing buildings and structures and investigates complaints regarding safety concerns in the built environment.

The Building Official does not design, redesign or supervise any construction project.

If appointed as the Local Zoning Official he or she is responsible for enforcement and the investigation of complaints of violations of the local zoning bylaw.