The Administrative Assessor serves the public from the Assessor’s Office at Town Hall. The Office is frequented by taxpayers, appraisers, real estate agents and insurance representatives seeking information on properties and their assessed values. Real estate values are adjusted annually to reflect market activity. State Laws require that assessed values remain current with the market.

According to State Law, the primary function of the Assessors is to determine the "full and fair cash value" of real property in the city. Real property is all residential, commercial and industrial land and buildings within the city limits. Every five years, the Massachusetts Department of Revenue must certify all real and personal property values, represent full and fair cash as of the assessment date, which is January 1st, before the Town is allowed to issue real estate and personal property tax bills.

Additional responsibilities of the Administrative Assessor include personal property assessments, motor vehicle abatements, and personal exemptions. The Assessor's Office is not responsible for the mailing of tax bills or collection of taxes; they do, however, grant tax abatements.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Randall A. Austin Administrative Assessor (413) 637-5500 ext. 1202