Water Division


The Water Division is responsible for the Town’s water treatment facility and water distribution system.

The Division operates a water treatment facility at the Root Reservoir site, which is designed to treat an average daily flow of 0.73 MGD and a peak flow of 1.4 MGD. The Town's raw water source comes from a mountain fed brook which fills the Town's 2 reservoirs.  From the reservoirs the water enters the water treatment plant were it is treated using a Dissolved Air Flotation Treatment Process and is then disinfected with chlorine before it is pumped to Town.  The treatment facility also includes a laboratory were both the raw and treated water is tested daily according to strict MASS DEP standards.  In cases of extreme drought or emergency at the Lenox water treatment facility, there is an interconnection pump station which allows Lenox to utilize water from the City of Pittsfield.

The Water division is also responsible for the water distribution system, this includes maintaining, repairing, and inspecting the Town's water mains (roughly 50 miles of water mains), storage tanks (2), main line valves, fire hydrants, and pressure reducing vaults.  The division also performs meter reading (twice a year in April and October, bills go out in early May and November), installation of water meters, locating of water services, and inspection of new water installations. 

For a copy of the "Town Regulation of Water Use" please click on the sidebar to the left, this document explains in detail the responsibilities of the Town and the property owner as they pertain to water service repairs, meters, rate paying, and other important information every water user in Town should be aware of. 

The Water Division is an "Enterprise Fund", which means it is designed to operate on funds received exclusively from rates and fees.

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Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
DPW Office DPW Office Manager (413) 637-5525
Patrick Reagan Water Treatment Plant Operator (413) 637-5521
Bob Horn Water Department Superintendent (413) 637-5521