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To the Town Residents:

As reported today, Saturday, Berkshire County has its first presumptive positive case of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) at Berkshire Medical Center in Pittsfield. The Tri-Town Health Department and the Town’s Board of Health have been in contact with state officials and are monitoring this rapidly evolving public health emergency.

At a minimum, the Town encourages everyone to practice common-sense measures:

  • Frequently wash your hands with soap and water
  • Cover your mouth and nose when sneezing or coughing
  • Use cleaning products to help with regular, thorough cleaning of surfaces you touch frequently
  • If you are sick… stay home! Do not attend work, school or other public gatherings

Berkshire Medical Center is setting up a toll-free Hotline to help with questions/concerns. Please call (855) BMC-LINK. The number is available from 7am – 7pm beginning on Sunday, March 8th. More information is available from:

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has very helpful information on how to address this important public health concern. A link to their coronavirus-dedicated web site is below:

The Massachusetts Department of Public Health also provides daily updates on Massachusetts-specific information and resources. Here is a link:

o the extent that you are seeking information about the status and precautionary measures that you might take in response to this virus, please refer to these reliable, credible sources.