2020 Census is here!!!

The 2020 US Census is here!  

Have you completed your Federal Census?  Take a minute today to check on friends and family that may not be computer savvy and offer to help them over the phone or through a window!  It really does just take a minute!  

***Shape your future - START HERE:  Census2020  - Make the Berkshires Count!***

The Census is used to determine our representatives in Congress and the Massachusetts legislature. The Census will also be used to decide how much state and federal dollars are sent to our area for a wide range of programs. Some of the programs that use Census data include:

  • Medicare and Medicaid
  • Public Safety Grants
  • Public Transportation Funding
  • Fuel Assistance

If you do not fill out the Census, these programs could lose money in our area and we can lose seats in Congress and the State Legislature. We need you to be counted!