Sidewalk repairs and upgrades this Spring

February 12, 2020

Re:       Sidewalk Upgrades


Dear Resident,


            The Town will be replacing and upgrading segments of sidewalks in a few areas of Town this spring.  The work will be conducted on Tucker Street, Cliffwood Street, Housatonic Street, Hubbard Street and a small section on Walker Street. The work will be within the public right-of-way.


            Tucker Street:  We will be upgrading the sidewalk on the Southern side of Tucker from Church Street to its terminus located at 54 Tucker Street.  The section from 14 to 24 Tucker St. will be realigned to the Roads edge to help resolve some grading and drainage issues.


            Cliffwood Street:  The sidewalk will be upgraded from Main Street to Yokun Ave. 


            Housatonic Street:  We will be replacing the concrete pads on the Northern side from Church Street to Ore Bed Rd and on the Southern side we will be replacing the concrete pads from Church Street to 46 Housatonic Street.


            Walker Street:  We will be reconstructing the sidewalk between 28 and 36 Walker Street.   


            Hubbard Street:  A small section of deteriorating sidewalk will be replaced.


            These upgrades are intended to not only fix some drainage and grading issues but make our sidewalks ADA compliant allowing for the ability of all residents to enjoy our town safely.


            Please feel free to call with any questions or concerns. (413) 637-5525.





William J. Gop

Superintendent of Public Works

[email protected]

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