Lenox Town Hall
6 Walker Street, Lenox, MA 01240
ph: 413-637-5500
Form D

The undersigned___________________________________________________________
of__________________________ County, Massachusetts, hereinafter called the Covenantor, having
submitted to the Lenox Planning Board a definitive plan of a subdivision, entitled
_____________________________________________dated____________________________ made
by___________________________________ does hereby covenant and agree with said Planning Board
and the successors in office of said Board, pursuant to G. L. (Ter. Ed.) C. 41, Sec. 81U, as amended, that:
  1.   The covenanter is the owner of record of the premises shown on said plan;

  2.   This covenant shall run with the land and be binding upon the executors, administrators, heirs,         assigns of the covenanter, and their successors in title to the premises shown on said plan;
     3.   The construction of ways and the installation of municipal services shall be provided to serve any lot in accordance with the applicable Rules and Regulations of said Board before such lot may be built upon or conveyed, other than by mortgage deed; provided that a mortgagee who acquires title to the mortgaged premises by foreclosure or otherwise and any succeeding owner of the mortgaged premises or part thereof may sell any such lot, subject only to that portion of this Covenant which provides that no lot so sold shall be built upon until such ways and services have been provided to serve such lot;
      4.  Nothing herein shall be deemed to prohibit a conveyance subject to this covenant by a single                 deed of the entire parcel of land shown on the subdivision plan or of all lots not previously                   released by the Planning Board without first providing such ways and services;
      5.  This covenant shall take effect upon the approval of said plan;
      6.  Reference to this covenant shall be entered upon said plan and this covenant shall be recorded               when said plan is recorded.
EXECUTED as a sealed instrument this _________ day of________________________, 20________
________________SS. _____________________,1973
Then personally appeared___________________________________ and acknowledged the foregoing
instrument to be ________________ free act and deed, before me____________________________

        Notary Public
        My Commission Expires: __________________________