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Article 5 - Building Sewers and Connections
SECTION 1.      No unauthorized person shall uncover, make any connections with or opening into, use, alter, or disturb, any public sewer or appurtenance thereof without first obtaining a written permit from the Superintendent. Any person proposing a new discharge into the system or a substantial change in the volume or character of pollutants that are being discharged into the system shall notify the Sewer Commissioners at least forty-five (45) days prior to the proposed change or connection. Amended A.T.M. 5/7/76.

SECTION 2.      There shall be two (2) classes of building sewer permits: (a) for residential and commercial service, and (b) for service to establishments producing industrial wastes. In either case, the owner or his agent shall make application on a special form furnished by the Town. The permit application shall supplemented by any plans, specifications, or other information considered pertinent in the judgment of the Superintendent. A permit and inspection fee shall be determined by the Sewer Commissioners and shall be paid to the Town at the time the application is filed.

SECTION 3.      All costs and expense incident to the installation and connection of the building sewer shall be borne by the owner. The owner shall indemnify the Town from any loss or damage that may directly or indirectly be occasioned by the installation of the building sewer.

SECTION 4.      A separate and independent building sewer shall be provided for every building; except where one building stands at the rear of another on an interior lot and not private sewer is available or can be constructed to the rear building through an adjoining alley, court yard, or driveway, the building sewer from the front building may be extended to the rear building and the whole considered as one building sewer.

SECTION 5.      Old Building sewers may be used in connection with new buildings only when they are found, on examination and tested by the Superintendent, to meet all requirements of this regulation.

SECTION 6.      The size, slope, alignment, materials of construction of a building sewer, and the methods to be used in excavating, placing of the pipe, jointing, testing, and backfilling the trench, shall all conform to the requirements of the building and plumbing code or other applicable rules and regulations of the Town. In the absence of code provisions or in amplification thereof the materials and procedures set forth in appropriate specifications of the A.S.T.M. and W.P.C.F. Manual of Practice No. 9 shall apply, as most recently revised.

SECTION 7.      Whenever possible, the building sewer shall be brought to the building at an elevation below the basement floor. In all buildings in which any building drain is too low to permit gravity flow to the public sewer, notice shall be given to the Sewer Commissioners, and sanitary sewage carried by such building drain shall be lifted by an approved means and discharged to the building sewer.

SECTION 8.      No person shall make connection of roof downspouts, exterior foundation drains, areaway drains, or other sources of surface runoff or ground water to a building sewer or building drain which in turn is connected directly or indirectly to a public sanitary sewer.

SECTION 9.      The connection of the building sewer into the public sewer shall conform to the requirements of the building and plumbing code or other applicable rules and regulations of the Town, or the procedures set forth in appropriate specifications of the A.S.T.M. and the W.P.C.F. Manual of Practice No. 9. All such connections shall be made gastight and watertight. Any deviation from the prescribed procedures and materials must be approved by the Superintendent before installation. The Town will not be held responsible for any damage caused by sewer back-up in private homes and places of business. A sewer back-up valve should be installed where necessary. All industries discharging into a public sewer shall perform such monitoring of their discharges as the Sewer Commissioners and/or other duly authorized employees of the Town may reasonably require, including installation, use, and maintenance of monitoring equipment, keeping records and reporting the results of such monitoring to the Sewer Commissioners.  Such records shall be made available upon request by Sewer Commissioners to other Agencies having jurisdiction over discharges to the receiving water. Amended A.T.M. 5/7/76.

SECTION 10.     The applicant for the building sewer permit shall notify the Superintendent when the building sewer is ready for inspection and connection to the public sewer. The connection shall be made under the supervision of the Superintendent or his representative.

SECTION 11.      All excavations for building sewer installation shall be adequately guarded with barricades and lights so to protect the public from hazard. Streets, sidewalks, parkways, and other public property disturbed in the course of the work shall be restored in a manner satisfactory to the Town.

SECTION 12.     For any housing subdivision or similarly related project where the superintendent requires a pumping station and force main for sewage disposal, the developer will bear the full cost of equipment and installation of the pumping station force main system. This system must be designed and constructed according to specifications acceptable to the superintendent and subject to his review for written certification before becoming operational. All operating and maintenance costs for the pumping station force main system will be the responsibility of the developer and/or a related owners association for a period of not less than 30 years. And these estimated operating and maintenance costs over that future 30 year period must be placed in escrow with the Town Treasurer before the system is operational. Said funds may be drawn from escrow for maintenance and operation of the pumping facility as needed with the written approval of the Department of Public Works. Also there will be an associated sewer tie-in fee for each individual unit of the above mentioned development. A.T.M. 5/4/90.

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