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Article II - Sewer Service
SECTION 1.      The D.P.W Board shall act as Sewer Commissioners. They shall have the authority to establish reasonable fees for the use of sewers.
(a)     All specifications for the facilities intended for sanitary sewer service shall be determined and/or approved by the Sewer Commissioners, but in no case shall the pipe used for a common sewer be less than six (6) inches in diameter.

SECITON 2.      Subdivisions. Any person or agency planning a subdivision as defined in Chapter V shall submit to the Sewer Commissioners specifications of the facilities intended for sanitary sewer service. The Commissioners shall without delay prepare an estimate of the cost of such service.  The developer shall then deposit a sum of money equal to such estimate, or satisfy the Commissioners of his ability to do so when the subdivision permit is granted, with the Commissioners and enter into a contract with the Commissioners providing:
(a)     He shall pay the entire cost of installing the service, making up the difference if a deficit is realized or being reimbursed if a surplus remains from the deposits.
(b)     Deleted – S.T.M. 10/4/71.
(c)     Deleted – S.T.M. 10/4/71
(d)     The Developer agrees to grant the necessary easements for installing the sewer service.

SECTION 3.      Extensions other Than Subdivisions. Any extension of a sewer main, other that is set forth in Section 2 above, whether along a private or accepted way, if duly authorized by vote of the town shall be financed as follows:
(a)     All funds for such extensions shall be provided by the town.
(b)     Any article in the Town Warrant providing for the construction of a sewer on a public way shall be submitted to the Sewer Commissioners and the Planning Board jointly at least three weeks prior to the Town Meeting. They shall make their recommendations on such Article. Together with a suggested method of financing, through the Finance Committee. The Town Meeting will decide whether the accomplishment of such capital improvements be made by bond issue, taxation, assessment against property served, and the proportion of cost to be borne by the town and the property owners served by the sewer system concerned.

SECTION 4.      Any storm or sanitary sewer along any public way which serves more than one property shall become a common sewer and hereafter every such sewer shall become the property of the town upon its connection with the sewerage system of the town.

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