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Selectmen's Minutes 12/13/2017

Minutes of Meeting – December 13, 2017; meeting called to order at 7:00pm.  Present:  Dave Roche; Ken Fowler; Warren Archey; Channing Gibson; Ed Lane.
MOTION by WA, seconded by CG to accept the Minutes of November 29.  4/0 vote with EL abstaining.

Citizen’s Open Forum:  None.

Consent Agenda:  DR asked that a Hold be placed on the Reserve Police Officer Appointment. MOTION by WA, seconded by CG to approve the consent agenda as follows:  Donation to the Fire Department; appointment of Mark Pignatelli to the Environmental Committee; appointment of Doug Mann as Veterans Agent; renewal of 2018 licenses; one-day W&M license to Frances Sorrentino for Friday, 12/22 from 7-10pm at St. Ann Parish Center.  5/0 vote.  Following praise from DR on the appointment of Cameron Sibley, MOTION by WA, seconded by CG to appoint Cameron Sibley as a Reserve Police Officer.  5/0 vote.

Short-term rentals:  Pam Kueber, Chairman of the Planning Board, explained to the Board how the recent STR forums worked and how the information was then put together to create the attached report.  She mentioned that another forum is scheduled for January 20 at 10am at the Town Hall, and that the on-line survey will be available through January 15.  She stated that this only deals with rentals of 30 days or less of bedrooms or entire houses or apartments.

BOS Reports:  KF went through the December employee anniversaries.  He then suggested that the Board not meet on 12/27, and push it off one week until January 3.  EL brought up the Walker Street project, and the recent meeting attended by several neighbors.  This project will include sidewalks, drainage and water and sewer upgrades.  He went on to explain that this is the same project as proposed over five years ago.  The Town is hoping to receive up to $8-9M in TIP funding from the state, and the project should go out to bid in the spring.  He also suggested that the Town consider planting an evergreen tree in Lilac Park rather than erecting one annually to decorate for the holidays.  WA stated that the Town had been offered a beautiful tree to plant approximately ten years ago, but because it was not a native species, it was objected to.  He then mentioned that some trees on Walker Street that had to be removed will be replaced.  CG stated that the next CPC meeting is scheduled for January 8.  DR stated that the Library held their monthly meeting and that the transition appears to be going well.  With regard to changing the meeting schedule, the CAO mentioned that the High Road project was slated to be on the 12/27 meeting agenda.  He will check to see if this needs to be done prior to the end of 2017 or if it could wait until January 2018.

Meeting adjourned at 7:42pm.

Minutes Taken By: ______________________        Minutes Accepted By: ______________________
                   Mary Ellen Deming                                              Clerk
                   Director of Administrative Services                    Board of Selectmen

List of Documents:  Donation memorandum from Fire Chief; Environmental Committee appointment e-mail; e-mail regarding veterans agent appointment; 2018 license renewal report; One-Day W&M license application; Appointment memo from Police Chief; E-mail and power point presentation from short-term rentals sub-committee.

Lenox Town Hall  6 Walker Street, Lenox, MA 01240   PH: (413) 637-5500