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Selectmen's Minutes 09/06/2017

Minutes of Meeting – September 6, 2017; meeting called to order at 7:00pm.  Present:  Dave Roche; Channing Gibson; Ed Lane; Warren Archey.  Absent:  Ken Fowler.
MOTION by WA, seconded by CG to accept the Minutes of August 23.  3/0 vote with EL abstaining.

Citizen’s Open Forum:  None.

Consent Agenda:  EL placed a HOLD on the Fire Department Equipment Donation Acceptance.  MOTION by WA, seconded by CG to approve the consent agenda as follows:  One-day W&M license to Ventfort Hall for Saturday, 9/9 from 4-7pm; one-day W&M license to Ventfort Hall for Sunday, 9/17 from 5-10pm; one-day W&M license to Lenox Library for Friday, 9/8 from 6:30-8:30pm; acceptance of monetary donation to Fire Department; innholders and entertainment license to 33 Main; appointment of Gary D. VanBramer as Reserve Police Officer and Kyle Lanoue as Traffic Officer.  4/0 vote.  After EL publicly thanked Hillcrest Education Center for their generous donation, MOTION by WA, seconded by CG to accept the equipment donation to the Fire Department.  4/0 vote.

Tub Parade:  Members from the Tub Parade Committee appeared before the Board seeking permission to close Cliffwood, Main, Walker, Church and Franklin Streets on Saturday, 9/9 at 1:30 for approximately one-half hour to accommodate the Tub Parade.  It was explained that a change to starting the event at Boston University campus rather than at Shakespeare would now include closing Yokun Street also.  MOTION by WA, seconded by EL to grant permission to close Yokun, Cliffwood, Main, Walker, Church and Franklin Streets on Saturday, 9/9 at 1:30, subject to review by the police chief and CAO.  4/0 vote.
Olga Weiss, representing the Historical Commission, came before the Board seeking permission for three items:  1) the placement of a plaque for the Westinghouse streetlights on the corner of Walker and Church imbedded into the sidewalk; 2) a mural depicting Edith Wharton located on the outside wall of The Bookstore; and 3) a sign for the Church on the Hill cemetery with the history and a map of the prominent people buried there.  In addition, she reminded the Board that she would like a liaison from the Board appointed to the Commission.  She stated that Ray Kirby has offered to install the 16” x 14” Westinghouse plaque in front of the light pole.  MOTION by WA, seconded by CG to grant permission for the sign to be installed as presented.  4/0 vote.  She then briefly updated the Board on the 250th events; 36 events in total.  With regard to the mural, CG asked if she had spoken with Earl Albert about utilizing the parking lot.  She stated that she had only spoken with Bob Romeo and Mat Tannenbaum.  She then mentioned that the Commission is ready to submit to MA Historical Commission for National Register designation and wondered about holding a public hearing as part of the fall STM.  Finally, she suggested that the Board consider allowing temporary signage in front of the Town Hall to announce events occurring in the auditorium.

Apple Squeeze Street Closures:  Kameron Spaulding came before the Board seeking permission to close Church Street, beginning at Walker Street and continuing down to Tucker Street, and Housatonic Street, beginning at Main Street (but allowing access to Loeb’s) and continuing down to Old Center Street.  A band stage would be set up on the east side of the intersection of Housatonic and Church, and there would be a traffic officer at either end of Housatonic Street.  He stated that the PTO would be utilizing Lilac Park on both days for their event, and that the beer garden is scheduled again this year.  MOTION by WA, seconded by CG to grant the closing of Church Street and Housatonic Street as requested, as part of Apple Squeeze weekend 9/23-24, subject to review by the police chief and CAO.  4/0 vote.

BOS Reports:  CG stated that the CPA Committee received five applications:  Frelinghuysen Morris House and Studio, The Mount, Stockbridge Bowl Association, Trinity Church and the Town.  He stated that the housing plan had been approved by the Planning Board and will be sent to the state.  The beach area is now closed for the accessibility work to begin.  WA stated that he is working on the letter to the Governor regarding the PCBs.  EL stated that the DPW is now gearing up for winter, and that the Community Center heating system is moving a bit slower than hoped as the contractor is having difficulty hire workers.  DR stated that he has 35-40 horses lined up for the 250th parade, and he suggested the idea of placing a time capsule somewhere to commemorate the event.  Meeting adjourned at 7:50pm.

Minutes Taken By: ______________________        Minutes Accepted By: ______________________
                   Mary Ellen Deming                                              Clerk
                   Director of Administrative Services                    Board of Selectmen

List of Documents:  Three, one-day W&M license applications, memo from Fire Chief seeking approval of monetary donation; memo from Fire Chief seeking approval of equipment donation; innholders and entertainment license application; appointment memo from Police Chief; letter regarding Tub Parade and request to close streets; email with backup from Historical Commission regarding cemetery sign, Westinghouse streetlights plaque and mural painting, maps outlining street closure request for Apple Squeeze.

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