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Selectmen's Minutes 06/14/2017
Minutes of Meeting – June 14, 2017; meeting called to order at 7:00pm.  Present:  Dave Roche; Channing Gibson; Ed Lane; Ken Fowler.  Absent:  Warren Archey.
The Chairman thanked everyone for their well wishes, and for their vote of confidence in electing him chairman this year.

MOTION by EL, seconded by CG to accept the Minutes of May 30 and 31.  4/0 vote.

Citizen’s Open Forum:  None.

Consent Agenda:  MOTION by KF, seconded by CG to approve the consent agenda as follows: acceptance of monetary donation to the Fire Department; acceptance of monetary donation to the Police Department; one-day W&M license to St. Ann Parish for Saturday, 7/15 from 5-10pm at the Parish Center; one-day W&M license to John Gaherty for Saturday, 7/8 from 3-6pm in the Community Center Ballroom; sandwich board sign to Design Menagerie, LLC at 26 Housatonic Street; sandwich board sign to Johannah Hunter for the farmers market located at 134 Main Street; temporary sign over the entrance at the Welles Gallery from 7/7-20, permission to display straw figure and a one-day W&M license for Saturday, 7/8 from 2:30-5:30pm at the Welles Gallery to the Richmond West Stockbridge Art Guild; temporary sign (straw figure) to the Richmond West Stockbridge Art Guild as part of the Paint/Photo-Out from 7/21-8/5; a one-day W&M license to Jim Goggins for Friday, 6/23 from 5:30-9pm at Ventfort Hall.  4/0 vote.

Leenies Paninis and More, Inc. is seeking a Restaurant A/A liquor license at17 Franklin Street.  EL read the legal notice as it appeared in the newspaper.  MOTION by CG, seconded by KF to open the public hearing.  4/0 vote.  The petitioner appeared before the Board to answer any questions.  She briefly explained what her plans are and how much she has renovated the space.  MOTION by EL, seconded by KF to close the public hearing.  4/0 vote.  MOTION by EL, seconded by CG to approve a restaurant A/A license to Leenies Paninis and More, Inc. for their establishment located at 17 Franklin Street.  4/0 vote.

MOTION by EL, seconded by CG to make the following appointments:  4/0 vote.

Police Department                                       Royanne Hammond, Reserve
Thomas Scherben, Reserve
B. Jake Stringer, Reserve
Corey Demary, Reserve
Joseph Kennedy, Reserve
Matthew Fenton, Reserve
Special Police Officer                          Shain T. Bosworth
                                                        William Fuore
Traffic Officers                Cameron Sibley          Casey Blair
        Scott Sibley                    Ryan Nagelschmidt
        Zachary Huber           Edward “Ted” Collins        
        Chris Stechmann         Timothy S. Face, Jr.
        Thomas Finnegan         
Fire Chief                                              Daniel W. Clifford
Deputy Chief                                    Christopher O’Brien, Central
William Colvin, Lenox Dale
Robert Casucci, New Lenox
Captain                                         Jason Saunders
Dan Piretti     
James Terry
Lieutenant                                              Scott Forbes
Michael Zinchuk    
Michael Lane
Chris Prew
Emergency Management Director           Daniel W. Clifford
Building/Sign Inspector                         BJ Church
Wire Inspector                                  Robert J. Pensivy
Plumbing/Gas Inspector                          Mark Smith
Academy Building Trustees                       Scott Pignatelli
Victoria Salvatore
Timothy Face
Kennedy Park Committee                  Robert Coakley  Susan McNinch
Andrew Breslin  Terry P. Weaver
Ruth H. Wheeler         Ray Kirby
Tom Roche               Joseph H. Nolan
Luke Martin  
Affordable Housing Committee                    Olga Weiss
                                                        Katie McNulty-Vaughan
                                                        Charlene Rosen
Constable                                               Timothy P. Sheehan
Constable                                               Timothy S. Face (Deputy/Collector)
Cable Advisory Committee                        Linda Miller
Environmental Committee                 Paul Thomas Newton-Irelan
                                                        Susan May                   Eric Federer
                                                        Harriet Wetstone            Neil Purdy
                                                        Suky Werman         David Rimmler       
                                                        Carolyn Butler
Land Management Committee                       Ruth Wheeler        Deborah Rimmler
                                                        Warren Archey       Patty Spector
                                                        Tim Flanagan        Kim Graham
                                                        Andrew Lane
Lenox Cultural Council                          Derrick Holt                Roberta Russell  
Elizabeth Goodman  Arlene Schiff
Phyllis Hofman      Beth Gamble
Scholarship Committee                           Linda Messana
                                                        Jim Sorrentino
Christopher Ryan
Brenda Marra
Tim Lee
William Parsley
Village Improvement Committee           Lynn Sutton                 Suzanne Pelton
                                                        Katherine Armstrong   Barbara Sims
Zoning Board of Appeals (Associates)    Albert Harper
                                                        Jed Hall
                                                        Robert Fuster, Jr.
                                                        Clayton Hambrick
Affordable Housing Trustees              2019                   Jackie McNinch
                                                                        Olga Weiss
                                                                        Marybeth Mitts
                                                                        Deborah Ferro Burke
Community Center Board          2020                    Michael Cooney
                                                                        Jenifer Picard
Community Preservation Committee        2020                    Joseph Strauch
                                                                        Albert Harper
                                                                        Anthony Patella
Conservation Commission                2020                     Neal Carpenter
                                                                        Richard Ferren
Finance Committee                         2020                  John Tansey
                                                                        Vytas Barsauskas
                                                                        Scott Pignatelli
Historic District Commission           2020                     Mark Smith
                                                                        Jason Berger
Historical Commission                    2020                   Robert Romeo
                                                                        Harriet Wetstone
Registrar of Voters                         2020                        Percival Williams
Zoning Board of Appeals                 2022                    Ned Douglas
BRTA Advisory Board                                             Channing Gibson

MOTION by EL, seconded by KF to authorize the chairman to execute the Intermunicipal Agreement for a Shared Chief Administrative Officer with the Town of Lee as presented, subject to review by town counsel as it refers to legal form.  4/0 vote.  It was agreed that the Administrative Review Committee should continue to meet, perhaps on a monthly basis throughout the year.

Kameron Spaulding came before the Board to explain the Zagster Bike Share program that he would like to see brought to Lenox.  He would like to submit an application for CPA funding to support this program.  He explained that individuals could rent the bikes on a daily, weekly, even yearly basis.  He would like to see CPC funds used to pay for year one of operations; then fees and sponsors hopefully would pay for year two. There would be various stations throughout town, and he believes that 20 bikes would be adequate for Lenox.  The cost is $1800/bike per year, and he is thinking of a spring 2018 launch.  Overall, the Board was supportive, but wanted time to review the material.  DR asked Kameron if he could plan to report to the Board quarterly on Chamber activities.

BOS liaison reports:  KF reminded everyone that the concerts in the park began tonight, and he went through the employee anniversaries.  EL stated that Crystal Street has been repaved and that the Lee Road water line work has begun.  He would also like to see the Board move forward on the Peters land via CPA funding.  CG mentioned that the Affordable Housing Trust Committee has finalized a housing plan for the town, with an eye toward providing more affordable housing in Lenox.  He stated that he is anxious to hear what the appeals board says with regard to the Rest of River issue.  As far as CPC projects, he sees the fountain/trough at Triangle Park, first phase of a pathway, a dog park and the Peters property as town projects.  DR stated that he would like to see Memorial Park in Lenox Dale fixed up a bit.

Meeting adjourned at 7:55pm.

Minutes Taken By: ______________________        Minutes Accepted By: ______________________
                   Mary Ellen Deming                                          Clerk
                   Director of Administrative Services                       Board of Selectmen

List of Documents:  Donation Acceptance Memorandum from Fire Chief; Donation Acceptance e-mail from Police Chief; three one-day W&M license applications; two Sandwich Board Sign Applications; temporary sign request, one-day W&M license application; temporary sign request (straw figure); A/A Restaurant license request advertisement and LLA review record; listing of annual appointments; Intermunicipal Agreement for Shared Chief Administrative Officer with the Town of Lee; Zagster bike share program leaflet.

Lenox Town Hall  6 Walker Street, Lenox, MA 01240   PH: (413) 637-5500