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Selectmen's Minutes 05/31/2017

Minutes of Meeting – May 31, 2017; meeting called to order at 7:00pm.  Present:  Channing Gibson; Ed Lane; Ken Fowler; Warren Archey.  Absent:  Dave Roche.
The Clerk mentioned that DR recently had heart surgery and is doing well,  and how wonderful the Memorial Day events were on Monday.

MOTION by EL, seconded by CG to accept the Minutes of May 17.  4/0 vote.

Citizen’s Open Forum: None.

Consent Agenda:  MOTION by EL, seconded by CG to approve the consent agenda as follows: temporary sign permit to Susan Crofut and Adrienne Miesmer for June 3-14 at the Lenox Library; temporary sign permit to Verizon for 14 days at 505 Pittsfield Road; sandwich board sign to Joan Palano Ciolfi at 12 Housatonic Street; submit an affirmative statement to the Elections Division agreeing to Marge Pero continuing to serve on the Lenox Housing Authority; One-Day W&M License to Lenox Library Association for Friday, 6/16 from 6-10pm; temporary banner to the Lenox Library Association for June 5-17 on the front of the Library building; authorize the TM to sign a contract extension for HHW collection services.  4/0 vote.

Crane Healthcare, Inc. made a presentation regarding medical marijuana at the last Selectmen’s meeting, and again Tuesday night at the Lenox Dale Fire House.  They are seeking a Letter of Support or Non-Opposition from the Board so that they may move forward with their application to the Department of Public Health.  EL updated everyone about this medical marijuana issue, and the idea that the Niagara Mill be utilized to cultivate and dispense.  KF stated that he was, for the most part, in favor of a facility being located in Lenox Dale.  Now, however, he is concerned with the inexperience of Crane.  He needs more information, and a higher level of comfort with this company.  CG questioned how this would be any different from selling alcohol, tobacco or lottery tickets.  He feels that the main concern is when the facility turns into a recreational pot shop.  He believes that if the facility were located on Route 7/20, most of the concerns would possibly go away.  Others concurred with this belief.  WA stated that this would be a positive use of the Niagara Mill, create jobs, and not cause too much traffic.  He agrees that the recreational use is the biggest question and how it should be handled by the Board.  CG questioned what authority the Town has to deal with medical changing to recreational should that happen.  Several residents from Lenox Dale spoke in opposition to the idea of a medical marijuana facility going into the Niagara Mill.  One individual suggested that letters be sent to all residents, asking whether or not they are in favor.  There was a question as to how this may affect the values of homes in Lenox Dale.  Another individual stated that just because something is acceptable in society doesn’t make it right.  Yet another individual stated that we don’t need to add another bad environment to the mix of tobacco, alcohol and gambling.  Planning Board Chairman Kameron Spaulding stated that the Planning Board is working on a recreational marijuana by-law.  CG questioned if medical marijuana cannot be denied, what would a letter opposing it do?

Librarian Amy Lafave updated the Board on current and planned activities at the Library.

KF addressed the Board regarding the concerts in Lilac Park this summer.  They will run from 6/14-8/30, and begin at 6:30pm.  He mentioned that he would love to see a gazebo to be used as a stage in the future.  MOTION by EL, seconded by CG to allow twelve concerts to be held in Lilac Park from 6/14-8/30.  4/0 vote.

BOS liaison reports:  CG mentioned some new staffing at the Community Center, including the hiring of Michelle Messana as Youth Services Coordinator.  EL stated that there was a pre-construction meeting regarding the heating system at the Community Center; that project should start anytime now.  He also mentioned that the Richmond Mtn. Road project is now complete, and that the Lee Road water project should begin any day now.  It was also mentioned that the Academy Building received the cupola back last week.  KF stated that water/sewer bills are due on 6/5.  CG then mentioned that while it was anticipated that work would begin at the beach this season, permitting took longer than anticipated so work will now be delayed until the fall.  

Meeting adjourned at 8:22pm.

Minutes Taken By: ______________________        Minutes Accepted By: ______________________
                   Mary Ellen Deming                                              Clerk
                   Director of Administrative Services                    Board of Selectmen

List of Documents:  Temporary sandwich board sign request, temporary sign request, sandwich board sign request, e-mail regarding the Housing Authority elected position, one-day W&M license application, temporary banner request, letter/budget information regarding an extension of the HHW agreement with CET.

Lenox Town Hall  6 Walker Street, Lenox, MA 01240   PH: (413) 637-5500