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Selectmen's Minutes 05/03/2017

Minutes of Meeting – May 3, 2017; meeting called to order at 7:00pm.  Present:  Channing Gibson; Dave Roche; Ed Lane; Ken Fowler; Warren Archey.
The Chairman reminded everyone that the Annual Town Meeting will be held tomorrow evening, followed by the town election on May 8.

MOTION by EL, seconded by CG to accept the Minutes of April 26 and 28.  5/0 vote.

Citizen’s Open Forum:  None.

Consent Agenda:  CG placed a Hold on the sculptures/straw figures item.  He mentioned that a meeting was held with both groups, and everyone is happy with the proposed placements.  KF concurred that he likes the idea of the items being placed around town for the summer.   DR stated that the Town needs to obtain an insurance certificate on the sculptures.  MOTION by EL, seconded by CG to approve the consent agenda as follows: one-day W&M license to Laura Miskinis for Saturday, 5/20 from 2-4pm in the Community Center Ballroom; permission for St. Ann’s Church to hold the Family Fun Run on Saturday, July 15 beginning at 9:30am; permission to erect sculptures and straw figures throughout the summer in locations as presented to the Board; permission for 250th Committee to erect banners on Town Hall, Academy Building and Community Center.  5/0 vote.  The TM then asked if Olga Weiss wanted to briefly present her banner request, which she did.  In addition, she updated the Board on the list of upcoming 250th events.

The TM updated the Board on the status of the donations of land/easements for the Valley Street Bridge project.  He stated that if we do not receive the final one of the three needed, the Town may need to do a taking of the final easement at a future meeting.  The last temporary easement would be to accommodate overhead wires and construction staging.

Planner Gwen Miller stated that the Board has already adopted a Complete Streets Policy.  She went on to state that there will be several temporary demonstration projects proposed for the coming months.  Signage and bump-outs are among the traffic calming and way-finding methods being proposed.  She went on to explain that she is working with BRPC and hopes to have the Town submit an application to MA DOT for up to $400,000 in funding to be used for several projects or on one project, based upon the Town’s needs.  Temporary wayfinding signs will be installed in Town, and she is looking for input on them.  In addition, a temporary curb bump-out will be put into place on Main Street from 4-7:30pm on May 16 for individuals to view and comment on.  As a last note, she mentioned that a walking audit of Lenox Dale will occur on June 1.

Farmers Market:  The Board previously suggested that the farmers market seek an alternative location at St. Ann’s parking lot, with the Town as a back-up for Fridays that may be an issue at the church.  The church parish council met on this request, and agreed to allow the farmers market to be held in the area in front of the church.  There are, however, two Fridays that they cannot accommodate.  Once these dates are known and the final details have been worked out, the Board will act at their May 17 meeting on how/where to accommodate the group on those two dates.  The Board briefly discussed using Lilac Park or Roche Reading Park.

CG reminded the Board that the Community Preservation Committee will be holding a public meeting on May 15 at 7pm to update the CPA plan, and asked the Board what thoughts they may have for future projects. Acquiring the Peters property behind the cemetery, working with BNRC to come up with additional open space/recreation pathways that would connect  Lenox and Lenox Dale, repairing the foundation of the water trough in Triangle Park, finding land to accommodate a dog park, community housing projects and Ventfort Hall were some of the ideas mentioned.

The TM mentioned that the motion for article #28 regarding the watershed CR has changed slightly from the previous version shared with the Board.  KF mentioned that he has spoken with HDC member Jason Berger and now has more specifics as to the changes being sought to the bylaw.  The TM reminded everyone that Articles #18-27 are Planning Board articles and will be handled by them.
BOS liaison reports:  CG once again mentioned that the CPC will be holding a public hearing on 5/15.  He also stated that the CPA state match this round is 15%, with two additional rounds to go.  DR mentioned that the LMMHS alumni will be holding a reunion event on 5/27 from 4-6pm at the Lenox Library; all alumni are welcome to stop by.  He also invited the Board to the VFW Memorial Day parade and events on 5/29.  WA stated that three trees were planted today, and that four more will be planted shortly around town.  EL stated that Richmond Mtn. Road paving will continue tomorrow, and
should be completed shortly.  

Meeting adjourned at 8:05pm.

Minutes Taken By: ______________________        Minutes Accepted By: ______________________
                   Mary Ellen Deming                                              Clerk
                   Director of Administrative Services                    Board of Selectmen

List of Documents:  One-day W&M license application, Family Fun Run request, request to install sculptures throughout the downtown area, draft pictures of 250th banners, two certificates of donation for the Valley Street Bridge replacement project.

Lenox Town Hall  6 Walker Street, Lenox, MA 01240   PH: (413) 637-5500