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Selectmen's Minutes 04/26/2017

Minutes of Meeting – April 26, 2017; meeting called to order at 7:00pm.  Present:  Channing Gibson; Dave Roche; Ed Lane; Ken Fowler; Warren Archey.
The Chairman reminded everyone that the Annual Town Meeting will be held on May 4, followed by the town election on May 8.

MOTION by EL, seconded by DR to accept the Minutes of April 12.  5/0 vote.

Citizen’s Open Forum: Kameron Spaulding invited everyone to the Chamber’s Visitors Center ribbon cutting tomorrow at 9am.  A reception is also scheduled from 5-7pm.  Ken Kelly from the Land Trust reminded everyone about the BNRC-sponsored hikes at Parson’s March on 4/29 at 10am and 5/3 at 7:30 and 9am.  Kate McNulty Vaughan stated that the Fix It Fair was a big success, and that the next one is scheduled for 10/28.  Olga Weiss stated that the 250th committee is planning to erect banners across the Town Hall, Academy Building and Community Center.  Pam Kueber asked the TM for clarification of the financials with regard to the three STA/TIF agreements.  In addition, she asked that the Board consider amending the order of the articles on the ATM warrant, and place these three articles after #16 rather than at the end of the meeting.  CG and EL stated that they are fine with the order of the articles, and worry about losing the quorum.  The Board agreed to discuss this at their 5/3 meeting.  Jason Berger briefly went through the proposed changes to the Historic District By-laws being sought at the ATM.  He stated that the amendments would bring the by-laws into compliance with MGL Chapter 40C, and clean-up several housekeeping items.  He stated that one change would be to change the membership from including a Planning Board member to any resident.  DR suggested that it stay a Planning Board member unless no one is available, and then open it up to a resident.

Consent Agenda:  EL placed a Hold on the Town Hall auditorium rental request so that the Board could hear about this 250th celebration event.  MOTION by EL, seconded by CG to approve the consent agenda as follows:  approval of a monetary donation to the Fire Department; approval of a monetary donation to the Police Department; two one-day W&M licenses to Ventfort Hall for Saturday, May 6 from 5-10pm, and  Saturday, June 3 from 5-10pm; six, one-day A/A licenses to Edith Restoration for upcoming weddings to occur at The Stables area on June 3, 5-11pm; June 24, 5pm-1am; September 3, 5pm-midnight; September 9, 5pm-midnight; October 7, 5pm-1am; October 21, 5-11pm; waive the auditorium rental fee for the Richmond West Stockbridge Artist Guild on Friday and Saturday, August 4 and 5 (part of 250th celebration); approval of a sandwich board sign to Laurie Donovan at 81 Church Street.  5/0 vote.

The TM asked the Board to ratify his appointment of Matthew Williams as a Firefighter/EMT, filling the vacancy created when Larry Morse was appointed EMS Director.  MOTION by EL, seconded by CG to ratify the appointment of Matthew Williams to the position of Firefighter/EMT.  5/0 vote.

The TM presented draft Motions for the upcoming ATM to the Board.  They felt as if they had been over them previously and that there was no need at this time to go through them.

BOS liaison reports:  KF stated that taxes are due on Monday, May 1, and that if you have not gotten your new dog license, after May 15 there will be a $10 late fee.  He also stated how nice the new solar field looks.  EL stated that paving will begin tomorrow on Richmond Mtn. Road.  WA stated that seven red maple trees will be planted by the DPW within the next week or so.  DR reminded everyone that this will be the last weekend to burn.  He also mentioned that the parade committee would like to have no parking along the parade route (October 2017).  CG mentioned that the CPA will host a public meeting on May 15 at 7pm in the Town Hall to update the CPA plan, and he asked that this item be placed on the 5/3 agenda for discussion.

Meeting adjourned at 7:50pm.

Minutes Taken By: ______________________        Minutes Accepted By: ______________________
                   Mary Ellen Deming                                              Clerk
                   Director of Administrative Services                    Board of Selectmen

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