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Lilac Park Policy
                 TOWN OF LENOX


Permission for use of Lilac Park may be granted to local, non-profit organizations or private individuals.  Requests for displays or events will be considered individually, and permission will depend upon the impact of the display or event on the park itself and on abutters.

Temporary displays or structures may also require review by the Building Inspector or Fire Chief.  Food sales shall require obtaining a permit from Tri-Town Health.


Lilac Park is primarily an ornamental park, but may be made available for use by the public.  A permit to reserve the park does not allow the permit holder to prevent any one from entering onto the park space.  A fee shall not be required for any one to enter the park.  An application for usage does not constitute approval.  Individual applications will be reviewed by the Board of Selectmen on a case-by-case basis in keeping with the original intent of the character of Lilac Park.


NUMBER/LOCATION OF BOOTHS: For craft fairs, the number of booths will be limited to a maximum of 75.  To facilitate pedestrian safety along Main Street, no booths will be erected in the grass strip between the sidewalk and Main Street.  Booths must be a minimum of 15 away from planting beds.
NUMBER OF EVENTS ALLOWED PER YEAR/APPROVAL CRITERIA: For the period of June 15 - September 15, a maximum of three events (one only per month) by the current three organizations will be allowed in the park.  Should any one of these original organizations decide to discontinue holding a craft fair, the number of events held will decline through attrition. Permit applications at other times of the year will be granted at the discretion of the Board of Selectmen.  All event sponsors who wish to hold an event in the park the following year between June 15 - September 15 must apply for a permit in the Selectmen's Office by October 1.  Event dates will be assigned by the Board of Selectmen based upon a seniority system giving preference to those organizations that have held events in the park for the most number of years.  Sponsors should indicate on their application their first thru fourth choices for dates (one per month).  The Board of Selectmen will notify all applicants by November 1 of their action regarding their application.

RESTRICTIONS ON VENDORS:  It will be the responsibility of the event sponsor to insure that craft vendors who sell to local merchants not be admitted to the fair.  Also, all products sold by vendors must be hand-crafted by the vendor.

PARTICIPATION OF LOCAL MERCHANTS:  Sponsors will make every effort to invite local merchants to participate.  If local merchants opt to participate, they will be subject to the same regulations governing other vendors.  All fair sponsors are encouraged to inform visitors of other business, retail, and cultural attractions in Lenox.  


Applications will be available from the Selectmens Office and may include, but not necessarily be limited to, the following information:

-       Name of individual or organization
-       Contact person(s) and phone number (s)
-       The applicant must designate a person or persons responsible for the event who will be at the
        Park during the entire event. If several people will take shifts, these people and their times must be noted on the               application form.
-       Nature and purpose of display or event
-       Date(s) desired
-       Time(s) of operation
-       Clean-up plan


The Town will coordinate the scheduling of events in the park with St. Ann's and Trinity Church, who also sponsor events on their property.  Craft fairs and other events may be scheduled at other Lenox locations (e.g. LMMHS) subject to the approval of the Board of Selectmen.


There is a fee of $50 per day, payable to the Town of Lenox which shall be placed in a designated fund for repairs to the park.  In addition, a security deposit of $500, payable to the Town of Lenox, is required.  Upon satisfactory inspection of the grounds by the DPW Superintendent and a review of compliance with other guidelines, the deposit will be returned.


Event sponsors will be responsible for traffic control and pedestrian safety and will consult with and follow the recommendations of the Lenox Chief of Police regarding the hiring of a traffic officer and development of a parking plan.  Costs for traffic control will be the responsibility of the event sponsor.  In addition, "No Parking" signs are to be posted on the northerly side of Sunset Avenue west of the park.  This is the responsibility of the event sponsor.

SECTION 8:      GENERAL PROHIBITED PRACTICES (This listing may not be inclusive of all prohibitions)

-       Absolutely no alcoholic beverages will be allowed to be served or consumed in the park

-       Use of the park by private groups or private individuals for private gain is not allowed

-       Charging of admission is not allowed.  Access to any and all parts of the park cannot be denied to any one.
-       The park is to be used for passive recreation.  No organized active sports will be permitted that
        stress the lawn.

-       Live entertainment will be considered on an individual basis.  Only simple amplification will be allowed.  It is
        suggested that events last no more than three hours and end no later than 7:00pm.  The number of instruments,
        amplification, time of day, and other impacts on neighbors and other citizens will be among issues to be

-       No live animal exhibits, such as pony rides, and petting zoos, will be allowed in the park.

Any tents put up must not be erected until the day before the event and must be removed by the day following the event. Dumpsters must not be placed in the park before the Friday prior to the event and must be removed by the Monday following the event.  Any temporary sign requests must receive prior approval from the Board of Selectmen. Sponsors must provide cleanup of the grounds and take care to not damage plants and other fixtures in the park.

If the Towns Department of Public Works is needed to restore any portion of the reserved area to the condition prior to usage, including grass replanting, the individual or organization responsible will be billed for these services.


Groups are encouraged to rent port-a-potties for use during their event.  (To be located in the southwest corner near Sunset Avenue.)


The Town will be held harmless from any and all claims, suits, causes of action, judgments and demands of any nature made or obtained by third parties which result from activities or actions of the Town of Lenox, its agents or servants under this permit and if judgment is entered against the Town of Lenox, said judgment will be paid by said applicant, together with all interest thereon.

The Town reserves the right to review and approve/disapprove each application on a case-by-case basis and to disallow any activity that it may deem as inappropriate with the intended use and purpose of the park, or which may cause harm to the inhabitants of the Town.


Any violation of the above regulations may result in that sponsor not being allowed to use the park in future years.


These rules and orders shall become effective immediately.

VOTED on and approved by the Board of Selectmen on March 16, 2005.

Lenox Town Hall  6 Walker Street, Lenox, MA 01240   PH: (413) 637-5500