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Marketing and Events Committee Minutes06/07/2012
Marketing and Events Committee Meeting
June 7, 2012

Present: ~ Carl Pratt, Bob Romeo, Eiran Gazit (alt)
Absent:  Kim Reopell-Flynn, Tony Simotes,
Also Present: Channing Gibson, Selectmen, Greg Federspiel, Town Manager

Meeting called to order at 9:02 a.m.

1.~Minutes from May 17, 2012 approved.

2. Judy Seaman presented the video of the Berkshire Cycling Classic for the committee to review and offer comments. E.G. Suggested there be a greater presence of the event sponsors. Additional comments about the video including more downtown shots of Lenox. E.G suggested the video when edited be posted on the Lenox Chamber, Sparta Discover Lenox and Town websites.
It was suggested by Patty Spector that additional funding be done for the other athletic events that take place in Lenox; Lenox Memorial Day Marathon, Josh Billings etc. Compile this for a video that combines all these events. Further discussion took place regarding all the events in Lenox such as the Tub Parade, Apple Squeeze in addition to the British Car Show and Berkshire Cycling Classic. C.P. indicated this is something that would be supported by the committee and a proposal would be reviewed for recommendation to the Select board for all the major events to be videoed for future marketing and promotional material.

3. Channing Gibson spoke briefly about the discussion that will take place regarding the Marketing and Events Committee at an upcoming Select board meeting. He indicated that it will be recommended by Dave Roach and himself that Lenoxology not go forward but the Discover Lenox site will be maintained and act as a portal for the town site and possibly the chamber site. It was discussed that it could also hold some content such as an events calendar, video and other appropriate information. The focus that will be recommended going forward will be internet marketing for the town and not incorporate Lenoxology.   
E.G. Suggested we have a discussion with the Select Board on the direction of the Marketing and Events Committee including discussion regarding the use of Lenoxology and the funding and direction of the Marketing and Events Committee. C.G.

4. Patty Spector presented Application for Special Event Support for the Josh Billings Run Aground Triathlon. The request for $4,000 is intended to be used to increase marketing efforts to reach a broader audience through specific websites. This on-line campaign would target tri-athletes through various websites and reach between 2-3 million people. One site that is expected to be used is It was also indicated that 55%  of the Josh participants come from out of town and many require lodging. E.G. asked that something be done to bring traffic to the village through dining cupons as was done with the Berkshire Cycling Classic (BCC). P.S. indicated that this was something she is currently working on and talking with local merchants on a coupon book for businesses as a promotional/marketing opportunity to participants. These could be used either over the weekend of the Josh or at a future date. E.G. suggested that this be reviewed to include something that would bring participants to the village on the weekend of the race as part of the entry fee as was done with the BCC.  Larry Lane indicated they would give this consideration and discuss it with the Josh committee. B.R. asked about the need for additional funding for marketing when there was a $9,000 surplus from the previous year. P.S. indicated it was recommended by their accountant that this money should be held in a “rainy day fund” for protection from a bad year and to fund various aspects of the expenses that may not be done through in-kind services as is the case today.  B.R. Suggested as part of the marketing effort this include getting on the Discover Lenox site as well as the Lenox Chamber site. Patty was very interested in this but the Chamber has not agreed to this in the past due to the Josh Billings not being a Chamber member. E.G. motioned to have $2,500 appropriated to the Josh Billings RunAground for new marketing with a return of any funds exceeding 10% of overall profit.

5. The Lenox Wedding Tour proposal was tabled until the next committee meeting due to a not having a quorum with Carl Pratt needing to recues himself from the vote based on his being a committee member last year and the continued involvement with the event through Cranwell this year. This item will be added to the agenda for the June 21st meeting.   

Meeting adjourned at 10:35 a.m.
Next meeting June 21, 2012 at 9:00 a.m.

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