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Marketing and Events Committee Minutes 04/19/2012
Marketing and Event Committee Meeting
April 19, 2012

Present: Carl Pratt, Vice Chair, Ken Fowler, Bob Romeo, Iran Gazit, Richard Wise, Dick Houdek
Absent: Tony Simotes, Kim Flynn
Also Present: Ken Fowler, Select Board Liaison

Meeting was called to order at 9:10 a.m.

  • Minutes from previous meeting not available for approval
  • Motion was made by Richard Wise to stop funding of optimization and video by Boden&Hamilton due to the direction of the Lenox Chamber of Commerce of hiring a web developer who is building a new Chamber site with its own look and feel and not allowing for content to be that was interest for the  and seconded by Dick Houdek.  
Discussion for this motion

It was clarified that the Lenox Chamber website is currently intending to have a link to the landing page.  This was confirmed by Kat Lockridege, Lenox Chamber President present at the meeting.
Further discussion regarding the original intention was to have Discover Lenox website would be a landing page and direct visitors to the chamber site and the town site that would have a similar look and feel to the landing page.
It was discussed that funding for the continuation of the Discover Lenox website through June 31st of 2012 has been recommended and approved by the Select Board.
The current concern is the allocated dollars would not be well spent due to the fact that the Discover Lenox site will not have any content and not beneficial to the town to continue to fund the work on the site. As indicated by Ken Fowler, Select Board member, the funding of the Discover Lenox website and video was approved two weeks ago along with the funding of the recently completed video.
The concern of two websites running parallel with a similar intention- driving visitors to Lenox and the costs associated with maintaining two sites would not be appropriate for the town on Lenox.
It was recommended, as agreed in a previous meeting, that a meeting take place with two of the Marketing and Events Committee members and two Lenox Chamber Executive Board Members as well as the current vendor working on the Lenox Chamber site.
The motion presented by Richard Wise 3-2 not in favor.

It was agreed that a meeting with two members of the Lenox Chamber Executive board, two members of the Marketing and Events Committee and the Chamber site vendor take place along with a follow up discussion with the Chamber and Marketing and Events Committee with a follow up discussion.

  • It was suggested by Richard Wise that we hire a videographer and photographer for both the Berkshire Cycling Classic and the British Motor Car Show.  This would help with marketing and PR for next year as these are expected to be annual events. Motion by RW to recommend to Select Board to fund photography and video for these events up to $2000, second by BR. Discussion took place CP recommending $3000 to be sure we will be able to cover our costs due to the length of these events and how spread out the bike race is and may increase the cost.
$3000 was approved as a recommendation to the Select board for videographer. 5-0 in favor.

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