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Marketing and Events Committee Minutes 12/01/2011
Marketing and Events Committee
Meeting Minutes
December 1, 2011

Although I didn’t take detailed notes from the meeting this is in general what was discussed outside of the time we were on the phone with B-H.
Minutes from the previous meeting were approved.
The website was reviewed in preparation for the conference call with Bodden-Hamilton. The following areas were identified as topics of discussion.
Administration of the site - Tony indicated that staff members would be interested in a possible role if one was created   
Time line for video and Business Brochures
Integration of Chamber and Town website
Social Media and who is responding to comments now and how will this be managed in long term
Lenoxology Logo and icon on the ‘O’ flower – heart etc.
Order of Tabs with Hear – See – etc.
Removal of Lenoxology over image home page

Discussion regarding the web administrator was tabled for the next meeting
Two issues were discussed regarding the round table discussions conducted by B-H. One was the website itself and how chamber members can benefit and help move this site forward.  The second point was events.
Bob Romeo proposed we move forward and have these scheduled in December so we do not lose time and momentum. He reported that he had made several calls to chamber members that have not been involved in the past and expressed their willingness to participate prior to the holidays.  
Iran then suggested we wait until we have a better handle on the website and its functionality.
Greg emphasized that these meetings were to be focused on the website and how the chamber members can benefit from this site.
Richard mentioned that the events for the coming months need to be discussed as well and was thinking these meetings would be covering this topic as well.
Greg indicated that was not the original focus of the meetings but this could possibly be  part of the discussion.
Overall there was a degree of urgency that we felt to get these meetings at least scheduled if not before the holidays soon after the first of the year.

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