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Marketing and Events Committee Minutes 02/02/2012
Marketing and Events Committee Meeting
February 2, 2012

Present: ~ Kim Reopell Flynn, Carl Pratt, Tony Simotes, Bob Romeo, Carl Pratt, Eiran Gazit (alt), Dick Houdek (alt)
Absent:  Richard Wise
Also Present: David Roche, Greg Federspiel

Meeting called to order at 9:03 a.m.

1.      Minutes from January 12, 2012 were approved. Minutes for January 19, 2012 were postponed until next meeting.

2.      KRF, DR & GF gave the committee a summary about the meeting held Monday, January 39, 2012 at the Arcadian Shop regarding the cycling. The proposed date is May 13, 2012.  DR reports that the Select Board feels the event meets the criteria for a good off-season event and is designed to bring in overnight visitors.  KRF states there is no other race like this in New England, it would be a great kick off for our summer season.  A suggestion was made to work with local restaurants to offer a coupon deal for lunch after the race and build the cost into the entry fee.  There was discussion about the fact that May 13 is Mother’s Day and may pose a problem for restaurants and inns to accommodate the cyclists and their families/support staff.  It is suggested to ask if the race could be moved to May 6.  We will ask Kevin Sniffen regarding the same during our conference call later.  
Discussion ensued regarding fund raising ideas.  EG suggested the town should donate the sum of $5,000.00 as seed money to get the event off the ground.  CP is concerned about not having enough information before any funds are recommended by this committee or allocated by the town. KRF & DR emphasize that we are under a very tight time frame.  It is determined that John Eustice will have to submit an application and pro forma for the event.  It is also suggested that we contact other towns the route will go through for donations.

       A telephone conference was set up with Kevin Sniffen of Hamilton Public Relations to further discuss the cycling event.  The committee asks about the change of date.  Kevin will discuss with John Eustice and get back to us.  KRF will forward the proposed route to the Lenox PD and the county sheriff for review and input, then it can be sent on to other towns along the route.  It is suggested that a meeting be set up with John Eustice, Kevin Sniffen and invite business, shop and restaurant owners and have John give them the same presentation given on Jan 30, 2012  KRF will co-ordinate for Feb 7 or 8 and once confirmed will contact newspapers and send email to be blasted via town web and chamber web.  A discussion takes place regarding the name and to give it broader appeal, it is suggested the name be “Berkshire Cycling Classic in Lenox”.  It is also suggested that the town negotiate with Mr. Eustice for exclusive rights to this and perhaps execute a 5 year contract with the town.  Billy Soto also makes the offer of an “in kind” donation of radio advertising spots.  Motion is made by BR that the committee endorse the cycling event and recommend the Select Board allocate the sum of $5,000.00 pending receipt and review of the application and pro forma.  Seconded by TS, 5-0 votes in favor.

3.      GF reports to the committee that Bodden Hamilton will continue on as web and social media administrator under an interim contract, along with an interim contract for event work, giving us time to put together a thorough RFP with out having to rush.    He then presents the DRAFT Marketing & Events budget for FY 2013 and his ideas for separating the RFPs in to three distinct categories.  There is a question as to how much funding M&E has and Greg advises that there is $94,000.00 left from the FY 2012 budget and he is proposing an additional $47,000.00 for FY 2013, which would give us a total of $141,000.00 through June 30, 2013.  

  • Neighborhood meeting discussion is postponed to next meeting,
  • Old/New Business:  
TS – no;  
CP – no;  
RH – advises the committee about the Choral Festival in Providence, RI.  Andrea Goodman will be attending to promote the Caroling Festival for 2012;  
BR – no;  
EG – no;
KRF asks if meeting time could be a little earlier due to staffing changes at her office.  No one likes the idea, so time will stay the same for now.

Meeting adjourned at 10:39 a.m.

Marketing and Events Committee Meeting
Executive Sessiom
January 12, 2012

Present: ~ Kim Reopell Flynn, Carl Pratt, Tony Simotes, Bob Romeo, Carl Pratt, Eiran Gazit (alt), Dick Houdek (alt)
Absent:  Richard Wise
Also Present: David Roche

KRF advised the committee on the current status of the contract with Bodden-Hamilton. They are requesting to be paid an additional sum of $10,000.00.  
They have agreed that they need to complete the video at no additional fee, but will require funds to manage and administrate web site and social media.
KRF explains that it appears based on their explanation to us a big chunk of the proposed budget was used up by them on travel expenses, however we were never advised by them that we were exceeding the amount allocated in the contract for travel, which has now left us short for other contract deliverables.
EG suggests that a meeting with them while they are in town next week is in order and to keep the discussion confidential only two members of the committee will meet with them along with GF.  It is discussed that EG and BR as members of the original EDAPSC would be the most logical, but it is also suggested that KRF as Chair of the new committee should participate.  It is decided that EG and KRF will meet with reps from B-H and GF to discuss the contract and negotiate a compromise.

Meeting adjourned at 10:36 p.m.
Next meeting January 19, 2012 at 9:00 a.m. at Gateways Inn.

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