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Marketing and Events Committee Minutes01/05/2012
Marketing and Events Committee Meeting
January 5, 2012

Present: ~ Kim Reopell Flynn, Tony Simotes, Richard Wise, Bob Romeo, Carl Pratt, Eiran Gazit (alt), Dick Houdek (alt)
Absent:  Carl Pratt
Also Present: David Roche, Greg Federspiel

Meeting called to order at 9:06 a.m.

1.~~~ Minutes from December 22, 2011 approved.

2.      Minutes from December 29, 2011 approved.

  • Review of Event/ Application Guidelines. RW reviewed changes he had made. KRF asked about reference to marketing plan – we had asked that reference to be changed at a prior meeting.  TS states that language should be consistent and reference the Marketing & Events Committee as opposed to Marketing Plan – there is no plan currently and we don’t want people to ask to see the plan.  Also we had requested a change in first sentence to “One of the goals..” or “Among the goals…”as opposed to “The goal…” that has not been made yet.  Also KRF reminded RW that we had agreed to add a reference to other support that might be requested besides monetary.   RW will make the requested changes and forward a final document to the committee.  KRF asks if we need to have a space for reason why we rejected a proposal.   Discussion ensued and decision was made to add lines for additional comments by the committee.
  • Review roundtable discussion and review with Chamber members in attendance. KRF explains the purpose of the web design meeting in the morning to review the web design.  KRF goes on to then explain the goals of the roundtable discussion and especially targeting those that have not participated in past sessions and how we envision the sessions working.  KRF asks Chamber members to support the event, send email blast to their members and help generate excitement.   Group confirms dates and times for all sessions.  Discussion regarding location of sessions – representative from Cranwell states that ballroom is not available and we will be in one room under ballroom.  TS offers use of space at Shakespeare if necessary and will check availability.  BR does one last review of list of follow up phone calls.  He will finish up list with contact information and list will divided up between members for follow up phone calls.
  • Presentation by GF of grant proposal for Our Town grant that was sent to Shakespeare.  GF suggests various cultural groups come together to make application.  Grant can be up to $150,000.00 and requires matching funds.  GF suggests allocating small amount of economic development funds to hire someone to write grant application.  BR asks if each group has to make separate application.  GF states all groups can collaborate on one application. Time is of the essence and we need to move quickly as deadline is March 1.  Motion by BR seconded by TS to allocate funds.  5-0 vote in favor.  RH makes motion to have the BOS pursue the application, second by RW. 5-0 in favor.   KRF will attend next Selectboard meeting to discuss same.
  • Old/New business:  TS tells about being approached by sponsor of Butternut juried craft show at Shakespeare in the fall. RW asks about discussing web design with Chamber members.  KRF states that it will be an agenda item at future meeting. Chamber is currently pursuing proposals for web design and this discussion should take place after they get more info.  KRF states that presentation by B-H on Jan. 19 will go a long way to helping Chamber members understand concept of town web design and benefits of Chamber working with town.  KRF asks if RW has sent Caroling festival video to B-H.  RW states it is still in post production.  He will get it to them as soon as possible.  KRF also tells committee about the latest proposal from B-H of an international cycling event for May 2012.

Meeting adjourned at 10:33 p.m.
Next meeting January 12, 2012 at 9:00 a.m.

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