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Housing Authority Minutes 08/01/2017
The ANNUAL meeting of the LHA held on Tuesday, August 1, 2017 at 4:30 PM at the Curtis, 6 Main Street.

1.       The meeting was called to order by Chairman Catherine May at 4:30 PM.
2.      Roll Call:                Present – Catherine May, Chairman, Marge Pero, Vice Chairman, Diana Kirby,
                               Treasurer, Tess Sorrentino, Member,  Barbara  Heaphy, Executive Director
                              Absent – Jan Ward, Member
3.      Agenda:
            Board Reorganization
     After discussion, the board voted unanimously to keep slate of officers the same:  Catherine   
      May –Chairman, Marge Pero – Vice Chairman, Diana Kirby- Treasurer, Tess Sorrentino-        
      and  Jan Ward – Members.        

      Motion made by M. Pero, seconded by T. Sorrentino to adjourn the annual meeting at
      4:40 p.m.  All members voted in favor.  The regular meeting immediately followed.

The REGULAR meeting of the LHA was held on Tuesday, August 1, 2017 at 4:40 pm at the Curtis, 6 Main Street.

1.      The meeting was called to order by Chairman C. May at 4:40 PM.
2.      Roll Call:                Present – C. May, Chairman/State Appointee, M. Pero, Vice Chairman, D. Kirby,  Treasurer, T. Sorrentino, member, B. Heaphy, Executive Director
                                                       Absent -    Jan Ward, member
                                                       Others – Gwen Miller, Town Planner
3.      Agenda:

a.       Gwen Miller gave us an overview of the affordable housing situation in town:  47% of Lenox households have low to moderate income.  There is limited housing that employees of the Town or local businesses can afford to buy or rent.  To meet Chapter 40B criteria, 10% must be      
affordable rental or home ownership units.  Lenox has no low or moderate income home ownership units on the Chapter 40B Subsidized housing inventory.  All 178 listed are rental units with the majority age restricted.  After Cameron House left, there are no affordable assisted living residences.  Lenox has a rapidly aging population.  Also, more affordable housing inventory for moderate and middle income families is needed.
Gwen suggested contacting the Stockbridge  CPA for advice, having a joint meeting with the Housing Trust, CDBG money available if shared with other towns.

b.      Tenant Forum:  No requests

c.      Minutes :  June meeting
Motion made by M. Pero, seconded by T. Sorrentino to approve June minutes.  All in attendance voted in favor.

d.      Curtis Commercial Space:  Tenant in L-1 is still paying rent.  Rent was paid for June and July.  There has been no change in rental status.
Commercial balance as of 5/31/2017 is $55,626.22
Commercial Savings statement as of 5/31/2017 is $60,034.53

e.       Accounts Payable:  May balance sheets – 689 balance is $71,543.43.
$4,501.16 was transferred from 689 – 4001.  4001 balance is $105,110.67.

f.      Old Business:
Executive Director’s Contract – on 7/24/17, DHCD approved Director’s contract through 9/30/2018.  It was signed on 6/30/2017 by the Undersecretary.
Change Orders for Siding and Window replacement at Turnure Terrace- Two change orders were necessary to remove wooden shakes and provide better venting for roof rafters at a total cost of $30,038.00.  M. Pero made the motion to approve change orders.  T. Sorrentino seconded it.  All in attendance voted in favor.
Certificate of Final Completion – Motion made by T. Sorrentino, seconded by M. Pero to approve the Certificate of Final Completion for the siding and windows project at Turnure Terrace.  All in attendance voted in favor.
Drainage Project at Turnure Terrace – The plan to reconnect the foundation pipe to the southwest corner of the building, with sidewalk replacement along the entire backside of building 32 is being finalized and submitted to DHCD.  The grade along the building would be lowered to provide space between bottom of siding and foundation.  Does the Housing Authority have any recall on the engineer who designed the previous sidewalk project?
Vacancies – There is one vacancy at the Curtis and one at Turnure Terrace.  The Curtis will be occupied by Sept. 1st.  Turnure Terrace should be ready around mid. Sept. – Oct. 1st.
Curtis Tenant Issue – The alleged banging on the wall is still not resolved.  Dennis Carty did some investigating of the piping in the attic.   Jonathan Leonard, DHCD looked at the wall in both apartments.  He found no pipes running through it.  Also, no sign of marks from hammer or finger prints on the wall of the tenant being accused.  Barbara will contact Atty. LaFore about what to do next.

g.       New Business:
Rent Arrears – write off – effective immediately, if tenant vacates with a balance that can’t be collected, it can be written off with board approval.  Two tenants vacated owing a total of $1,585.00.  Collection was attempted without success.  Motion made by D. Kirby to write off the two tenants’ accounts in arrears.  T. Sorrentino seconded it.  All in attendance voted in favor.
AUP Audit – The first annual AUP Audit went well.  There was one exception regarding biennial recertifications that will be corrected.  
Ice Cream Socials – One was held at each property on July 20th and 24th.  Both were very well attended.  Sue Holmes and her assistant provided ice cream with plenty of toppings.  They provided handouts with plenty of information about the COA and their offerings.

Motion made by T.  Sorrentino, seconded by D. Kirby to adjourn at 6:30 pm.  All members voted in favor.

Next meeting:  September 12, 2017, 4:30 at Turnure Terrace.

Respectfully Submitted,

Barbara Heaphy
Secretary/Executive Director


Lenox Town Hall  6 Walker Street, Lenox, MA 01240   PH: (413) 637-5500