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Housing Authority Minutes 01/11/2017
The REGULAR meeting of the LHA was held on Wednesday, Jan. 11, 2017 at 4:30 PM at the Curtis,
6 Main St.
  • The meeting was called to order by Chairman C. May at 4:30 PM.
  • Roll Call:                      Present –  C. May, Chairman/State Appointee
  M. Pero, Vice Chairman   D. Kirby, Treasurer         
    Jan Ward, Member   M. Joyner, Exec. Dir., B. Heaphy      
Absent -  T. Sorrentino    Others – Tenant, Gt. Barrington board               
  • Agenda:
  • Tenant Forum – No requests  
705 survey results are not applicable to LHA as we have so few units unable to protect tenant anonymity or draw reliable conclusions from the date.     
      b.   Minutes – December Regular meeting
            M. Pero made the motion to accept Dec. regular minutes, J. Ward seconded.  All  
in attendance voted in favor.  Approved minutes will be forwarded to town website
     c.     Curtis Commercial space
No transfer was made to 4001 (elderly); the 12/31/16 balance was $90,048.95.
               d.    Accounts Payable
The Oct. & Nov. balance sheets were presented for review. FY’17 Budgets approved. $17,818.67 transfer was made to 4001 (Elderly) from the 689 (handicap), 4001 (Elderly) current balance approximately $122,404.00.The 689 (Handicap) 12/30/16 balance was
$ 66,752.28 (no interest). The Curtis porch account was closed 12/22/16, balance of $493.58 was transferred to the 4001 (Elderly).  M. Pero made the motion to approve Amendment #12  to Work Plan 5001for the additional amount of $279,786.00 for a total award of $1,893,010.25.  J. Ward seconded and all in attendance voted in favor.
C. May signed and all copies will be submitted to DHCD as required. The following large invoices were paid – Berkshire County Retirement $10,095.50, GIC Health $7878.75, and Sullivan Inc. (property insurance) $ 12,810.00.  
f.      Old Business
Exec. Dir. search results, Board responsibilities/contract oversight.  Three candidates were interviewed.  Barbara Heaphy was the unanimous choice for the position.   J. Ward made the motion to appoint Barbara Heaphy as the new Executive Director for the LHA, salary $57,039, 32 hours per week, start date 1/23/17.  M. Pero amended the motion to change salary to $58,750 (already in approved FY’17 budget).  D. Kirby seconded the amended motion and all in attendance voted in favor.  C. May, D. Kirby, and B. Heaphy sighed three contracts with mandatory cover sheet and Executive Director Salary Worksheet to be submitted with all other requested information for DHCD review.
Members of the Gt. Barrington Housing Authority board are interested in a Temporary Management Agreement with Lenox Housing Authority until their new Exec. Dir. can be hired.  B. Heaphy will draft a list of ideas for how to execute oversight including schedule.  The fee for this oversight will be negotiated.  Gt. Barrington requested names of LHA applicants that they might contact regarding their available position and interview questions.  LHA applicant names are confidential, questions will be forwarded to them.  It was agreed that B. Heaphy’s new contract with Lenox should be executed first and then the temporary agreement can be put in place.  All agreed to meet again asap to finalize an agreement.
AUP contract – Gary DePace, CPA
D. Kirby made the motion to approve the AUP contract with Gary DePace, CPA in the amount of $3600.00 as set by DHCD.  J. Ward seconded and all in attendance voted in favor.  Signed contract will be forwarded to G. DePace.  Audit date will be after Exec. Dir. retires so it may be necessary for her to return for explanation purposes.
Modified performance evaluations for M. Joyner will be submitted to C. May.
               g.       West St. roof
Exec. Dir. will be conducting references asap on apparent low bidder.  Recommendation for award will be made at the Feb. meeting.
  • Vacancies
Curtis/1, TT/2 offline, Families/0
  • New Business
Solar update – LHA solar net metering has achieved commercial operation as of 11/28/16.

4.     C. May adjourned the meeting at 6:10 PM.                                                             
Respectfully Submitted,

Martha Joyner, Secretary/Executive Director

Lenox Town Hall  6 Walker Street, Lenox, MA 01240   PH: (413) 637-5500