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Edited May 3, 2016 minutes
 The Regular meeting of the LHA was held on Tuesday, May 3, 2016 at 4:30 PM at Turnure Terrace,
36 Old Stockbridge Rd.

  • The meeting was called to order by Vice Chairman M. Pero at 4:35 PM.
2.      Roll Call:                      Present –   M. Pero, Vice Chairman
                   D. Kirby, Treasurer
             T. Sorrentino, J. Ward - Members
             M. Joyner, Exec. Dir.
Absent -    C. May, Chairman/State Appointee
Others -    Selectman Dave Roche and Tenants           
  • Agenda:
  • Tenant Forum – No requests.  Public Housing Notice 2016-08 requiring annual survey of residents was discussed.  According to the notice the first residents to be surveyed will be Chapter 705 (families) and chapter 200 (veteran) this spring.  
  • Minutes April regular/special  meetings
J. Ward made the motion to approve the April regular meeting minutes; T. Sorrentino seconded and all in attendance voted in favor.  J. Ward made the motion to approve the April special meeting minutes; T. Sorrentino seconded and all in attendance voted in favor.
               c.     Curtis Commercial Space
$ 4421.12 was transferred to 4001 (Elderly) account. April 30, 2016 balance was $65820.40.  As suggested by LHA accountant, a savings account will be opened and $30,000.00 will be transferred.  All Board members signed paperwork for this new account. Exec. Dir. noted Curtis Management contract with James Mercer comes up for review in June – will be placed on June agenda.    
       d.    Accounts Payable
The Mar. balance sheets and the 3/31/16 quarterly and Modernization reports were presented for review, no transfer to 4001 (Elderly) from the 689 (handicap), current balance is approximately $104,000.00. As suggested by LHA accountant, $50,000.00 will be transferred to 4001(elderly) savings account.                                                                                                                                             
  • Old Business – Solar Net Metering, Social Media Policy, Curtis Historic plaque
As required before board agreed to sign any new documents, the official letter notifying the LHA that Soltera has sold their interest in the Solar Abbey Project to NRG was received along with an un-redacted addendum.   D. Kirby made the motion to authorize Exec. Dir. to review and sign the First Addendum, provide all required documents as requested for the Dept. of Public Utility in order to assign an ID # to the authority.
T. Sorrentino seconded and all in attendance voted in favor.
Social Media Policy – M. Pero requested that discussion/vote on this be postponed until full board was in attendance.  D. Kirby made the motion to approve request.  J. Ward seconded, and all in attendance voted in favor.  
Curtis Historic plaque – Exec. Dir. has completed the application and returned to the Historic District Commission. As soon as plaque arrives it will be placed on Curtis.
  • Vacancies
Curtis/1, TT/2 offline, Families/1  

  • Regional Capital Assistance Team (RCAT)
The RCAT salaries as advertised were discussed.  The Directors will earn $110,000.00, the program managers $ 65,000.00 annually.  There may be a satellite office in Berkshire County – probably Pittsfield.  No word on how/when the program will be implemented.
  • New Business
Write-Off Policy – T. Sorrentino made the motion to approve the policy as presented
D. Kirby seconded and all in attendance voted in favor.
Turnure Terrace siding project update – Exec.  Dir. met with Kontseptual, Inc. on 4/13/16 to do a site review and discuss details of the project.  This project should be ready to put out to bid soon with construction to start this summer.
Public Housing Notice 2016-09 (Wage Match) – This notice states LHAs shall conduct wage match for every adult 18 and over. The LHA has had a wage match policy since 2007, all required tenant documents are up to date with current tenants and is part of lease up documents for any new tenant (s).  LHA has experienced issues in the past with imputing information to the site.  There is a new way to impute required information that hopefully will be user friendly with better reporting results.
Community Preservation Committee  – A public forum will be held on 5/16/16 at
6:00 Pm in town hall. A discussion will be held on what townspeople think are appropriate uses of CPA funds, and to look at needs within the town.  

4.     M. Pero adjourned the meeting at 5:40 PM.                                                             
Respectfully Submitted,

Martha Joyner, Secretary
Executive Director


Lenox Town Hall  6 Walker Street, Lenox, MA 01240   PH: (413) 637-5500