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Housing Authority Minutes 01/05/2016
The Regular meeting of the LHA was held on Tuesday, Jan. 5, 2016 at 4:30 PM at the Curtis, 6 Main St.

  • The meeting was called to order by Chairman C. May at 4:30 PM.
  • Roll Call:                      Present –C. May, Chairman/State Appointee
  M. Pero, Vice Chairman
              D. Kirby, Treasurer
           T. Sorrentino/ Member, Jan Ward/ Member
           M. Joyner, Exec. Dir.
Absent -   None                 Others:    None             
  • Agenda:
a.     Tenant Forum
Final notice was received that the consignment shop has officially closed. LHA wishes to thank everyone involved in creating the shop and for volunteering to keep it running. It was a source of funding to help repair the grand front porch at the Curtis.  M. Pero made the motion to allow this space to be used as an art room.  J. Ward seconded and all in attendance voted in favor.  E. Jacobson was appointed as the “go to person” for the art room space.  M. Joyner will meet with her in the near future to establish rules for use of this space.  E. Jacobson will send a notice to all tenants .    
        b.    Minutes Dec. meeting
D. Kirby made the motion to approve the Dec. minutes, M. Pero seconded,  J. Ward was absent/abstained, approved 4-0.   
  • Curtis Commercial Space
$ 18,442.58 was transferred to 4001 (Elderly), 12/31/15 balance $54,724.06. All State Construction will be installing 2 new zone valves to accommodate and address the heat issues in the pharmacy space.  A contract has been signed in the amount of $2996.00 and a Notice to Proceed has been issued with a completion date of 1/15/16.  T. Sorrentino made the motion to appoint M. Joyner as Contract Officer and to approve this contract.  D. Kirby seconded and all in attendance voted in favor.  Exec. Dir. noted that the next real estate bill is due Feb. 1, 2016 in the amount of $938.06.
  • Accounts Payable
The 4001 (Elderly) account balance is approximately $117,967, $3965.00 was transferred from 689 (Handicap) account .  The Nov. balance statements were presented as prepared by Fenton, Ewald, & Assoc. for review.  M. Joyner reported that she is investigating the list of invoices that have been charged to FY’16 Capital Improvement Plan instead of FY’15.  These were not processed by DHCD when originally submitted on 6/16/15, had to be resubmitted, and were paid out in Aug. causing the FY’16 CIP  to be pushed to FY’17.  This amounts to $43,996.30.  M. Joyner has requested reconsideration to have these invoices charged to the proper FY’15.  The LHA should not be penalized for a glitch in the funding system that was out of our control.   The board signed new pet account signature cards as required by Adams Community Bank.
        e.   Old Business   
The Curtis Consignment Shop has closed as reported above under “Tenant Forum”.  Habitat for Humanity picked up several large items.  M. Joyner reported that her contract was approved, FY’16 Budgets are being reviewed by DHCD Finance Dept.  Until Budgets are approved no raises will take effect.
  • Generator Project
Exec. Dir. reported blacktop issue has been resolved.  J. Ward made the motion to approve Sommer Electric Co. Certificate of Final Completion as reviewed by Nault Architects and to approve the Final Application for Payment in the amount of $12,437.00 certified by Nault Architects.  D. Kirby seconded and all in attendance voted in favor.  
  • Vacancies
M.Joyner reported the Curtis has no vacancies, TT has 2 (offline due to flooding), and Family has no vacancies.  Yearly apartment inspections will be completed by 1/12/16.
  • CPC  -change in application process dates
C. May reported CPC is in process of reorganizing application process dates.  At the present time they are not officially accepting applications as of 12/31 as normally would do.  CPC holding off unless application(s) is presented to the committee for review.
  • New Business
M. Joyner presented two new policies for the board to review/discuss.  M. Joyner noted that these procedures have been utilized for a long time with no formal policy in place. After a brief discussion M. Pero made the motion to approve the Occupancy Policy, J. Ward seconded and all in attendance voted in favor.  D. Kirby made the motion to approve the Charge Account Policy, M. Pero seconded and all in attendance voted in favor.
Rent recertification notices have been sent to all tenants, information must be returned to the office by Feb. 2, 2016.  There is no increase in Social Security this year so there is the possibility that many rents won’t change and some will likely go down based on increased health insurance premiums.  
M. Joyner represented by P.M. LaFore will be in housing court 1/27 for a family eviction proceeding.
The Lenox Town Report letter is due 2/12/16.  A draft letter will be presented at the 2/2/16 meeting for board member review/approval.  If any member has any item they wish to have included please send to Exec. Dir. asap.

4.     C. May adjourned the meeting at 5:30 PM.                                                             

Respectfully Submitted,

Martha Joyner, Secretary /Executive Director


Lenox Town Hall  6 Walker Street, Lenox, MA 01240   PH: (413) 637-5500