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Housing Authority Minutes 12/01/2015

The Regular meeting of the LHA was held on Tuesday, Dec. 1, 2015 at 4:30 PM at the Curtis, 6 Main St.

  • The meeting was called to order by Chairman C. May at 4:35 PM.
  • Roll Call:                      Present –C. May, Chairman/State Appointee
  M. Pero, Vice Chairman
                 D. Kirby, Treasurer
           T. Sorrentino, Member
           M. Joyner, Exec. Dir.
Absent -   Jan Ward, Member
Others:    None             
  • Agenda:
a.     Tenant Forum
A written request was received from two tenants who wish to use the consignment space when it is vacated for an “Art Room”. Neither use toxic or flammable materials. The board agreed that this may be a good use of the space and will discuss further details with these tenants once the space is vacated.    
        b.    Minutes Oct. & Nov. meetings
T. Sorrentino made the motion to approve the Oct. minutes, M. Pero seconded, D. Kirby absent/abstained, approved 3-0. D. Kirby made the motion to approve the Nov. minutes,
M. Pero seconded, T. Sorrentino & C. May absent/ abstained, approved 2-0.
  • Curtis Commercial Space
No transfer to 4001 (Elderly), 11/30/15 balance is $64,621.64.  The Walker St. entryway ceiling/beam, and part of the hallway will be painted due to water damage from leaking shower valves and a toilet .  Invoices will be submitted to insurance.
  • Accounts Payable
The 4001 (Elderly) account balance is approximately $132,000, no transfer from 689 (Handicap) account .  The 9/30/15 Quarterly/Year End Statements were presented as prepared by Fenton, Ewald, & Assoc. for review.  M. Pero made the motion to approve statements as presented, T. Sorrentino seconded and all in attendance voted in favor.  All board members present signed the Year End Financial Statements Certification for 4001 (Elderly) and 689 (Handicap).  Exec. Dir. signed the Quarterly Operating Statements Certification.  The 2016 property insurance invoice from Sullivan Group is $ 12,444.00 ($102/unit) – 2015 was $96.60/unit. Exec. Dir. requested that $294.00 be written off for a vacated unit.  M. Pero made the motion to write off $294.00, T. Sorrentino seconded and all in attendance voted in favor.  Exec. Dir. reported that FY’16 Capital Improvement Plan was approved with the conditions. Letter stated that our spending is significantly ahead of the $53,000 cap. Exec. Dir. is researching the discrepancy which may be due to an error in the system for FY’15 that occurred.  Several invoices for FY’15 were not processed by DHCD, when they finally were after resubmitting these invoices they were not paid out until FY’16 creating the false accounting that LHA had spent money in FY’16.  Exec. Dir. will do further research and discuss with Project Manager to reach a reasonable solution.  In the meantime this puts a hold on on-going projects.   

e.   Old Business   
The Curtis Consignment Shop sent a note to Exec. Dir. stating that they are waiting for people to pick up their things and Habitat for Humanity is scheduled to pick up several
of the large pieces of furniture this week.  
AUP (Agreed Upon Procedures) contract for FYE 9/30/15 between Lenox Housing Authority & Gary DePace CPA was reviewed.  This is the standard DHCD contract form according to DHCD specifications in the amount of $3600.00.  T. Sorrentino made the motion to approve this contract and to authorize Exec. Dir. to sign, D. Kirby seconded, and all in attendance voted in favor.
  • Generator Project
Exec. Dir. requested this item be tabled, no final paperwork has been received from Sommer Electric.  
  • Fall Conference
  • Joyner attended the 2015 Fall Conference held Nov. 16/17.  Sessions attended:
 “LHA Performance Monitoring Program”, DHCD Resource Room, “Service and Assistance Animals”, “Social Media”, “Board Member Responsibilities – Director Evaluations”,” AUP Reviews/Preparing for State Audits”, “Small Housing Authority Roundtable”.
She found it to be informative, relative to the new mandates, and was given suggestions for policies such as “Social Media” to cover today’s social media use.  A great deal of networking was done with colleagues.  DHCD regulations will be promulgated this spring.  
  • Exec. Dir. Evaluation/Contract
Chairman May drew up an evaluation composite from the individual forms filled out by each member using a numerical ranking in Administration, Interpersonal, and Individual areas of Exec. Dir. performance with guidance from the presentation at Mass NAHRO Conference 11/17/15. C. May and M. Joyner met on 11/30/15 to discuss results.  M. Joyner received high marks, was encouraged to come up with new ways of doing things on the local and regional levels as sought by DHCD. The LHA is very well run, sharing our know how and expertise can benefit the LHA, the tenants, and the region. The smooth absorption of the Curtis commercial space into the housing authority responsibilities seems to have been done with sensitivity and professionalism.  She has been asked to consider a plan for the coming year that has at least two new initiatives that go beyond the usual managing of the LHA.  Suggested topics were shared services/collaboration, quarterly meetings with Berkshire County authorities.  M. Pero made the motion to approve the employment contract between the LHA and M. Joyner commencing 10/1/15 for one year in the amount of $57,039.00. D. Kirby seconded and all in attendance voted in favor. C. May and D. Kirby will sign contract, and C. May will sign the Executive Director’s Salary Calculation Worksheet effective 7/1/15 -all will be forwarded to DHCD.  

  • New Business
Patricia M. LaFore/Agreement for Legal Services – D. Kirby made the motion to approve this yearly agreement commencing 12/1/15 noting $125.00 monthly fee remains the same.
T. Sorrentino seconded and all in attendance voted in favor.
Fenton, Ewald, & Assoc.  state contract for accounting services – M. Pero made the motion to approve this yearly contract commencing 10/1/15 in the amount of $786.00 per month a $24.00 increase as allowed by FY’16 budgets.  D. Kirby seconded and all in attendance voted in favor.
  •      C. May adjourned the meeting at 6:30 PM                                                             

Respectfully Submitted,

Martha Joyner, Secretary /Executive Director


Lenox Town Hall  6 Walker Street, Lenox, MA 01240   PH: (413) 637-5500