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Historic District Commission Meeting Minutes 10/31/2017
Historic District Commission


Landuse Meeting Room

October 31, 2017

Members present: Acting Chair Kameron Spaulding, (KS); Mark Smith (MS); Pat Jaouen (PJ)

Absent with notification: Ken Fowler, (KF); Jason Berger, (JB)

Absent without notification:  Elaine Steinert, (ES)

Staff present: Peggy Ammendola, Land Use Clerk, (PA)


The meeting was called to order at 5:30 PM.


Charles Merritt, 94 Church Street, Map 43, Parcel 87, repair and replacement of the enclosed front porch, the rear pantry, the side covered porch, and alterations to the roof pitch.


PA provided each Commissioner with a copy of the text in the Sign Off request from Building Inspector Jeff Clemons. It read: “Replace roof with architectural shingles, drip and water and synthetic. Paper on main building. Waiting for HDC approval for roof alteration on in-law apt side.”


Mr. Merritt presented his application and requested the Commission permit him to do the repairs and renovations. 


The Commission reviewed each of the ten items that Mr. Merritt had listed in his application. 

Item #1-Enclosed front porch-It has a heating system, but he will return it to a three season, fully enclosed porch. The shingles will be the same as existing as will the windows except that they will be energy efficient.  Mr. Merritt said that it will be returned to the original style.  The door will be like the original. He has a couple on the property that he will try to refurbish, but if that can’t be done, he will have one manufactured. 

Item #2-The shingles will remain the same, and the other materials used will be more durable. It will replicate the existing. 

Item #3-Mr. Merritt has the original details so he will restore to replicate. He will use Trex “or the like”.  There will be railings like there was originally.  The windows will be ceiling to floor panels, with glass on top. They will slide on a track.  Mr. Merritt believes that he will be making these.  It will be a “non-conditioned space”. 

Item #4-He will be replacing all windows with energy efficient ones. They will be like the others, i.e., replacing those that are six over six and those two over two will be replaced. The windows will be white vinyl.  One Window exists behind a partition wall with four inches of window on the other side of the wall He will reposition that window. 

Item #5-There are two exterior doors, one of which does not belong and the other is a metal fire door which has rusted.  Both will be replaced with period style doors.

Item #6-Mr. Merritt said that this item no longer is a part of his project.

Item #7-Existing roof has three different colored shingles.  All will be replaced with architectural shingles, black speckled with three shades of gray.  There will not be a roof alteration.

Item #8-There will be an eave extension only on one side, “like it is more tight”. MS stated that he isn’t that pleased with this proposal, but he would let it go. 

Item #9-He will be replacing rotted siding and will replicate.

Item #10-Mr. Merritt will reinstall entry stone which was beneath pavement and dirt.


KS made a motion to approve the application for 94 Church St. as presented with following changes: Remove Item #6 and add the approval for an extended rear porch on the side away from Church Street, the extended eave on the same side of the building and the addition of gutters along the building. MS seconded the motion and the Commission voted to approve 3-0.


KMS stated that on Item #3 he wants Mr. Merritt to return to the HDC, informally, once he has a design for the sliding windows, and before the installation.  Mr. Merritt agreed.


Approve Minutes: September 19, 2017. Tabled as there was not a quorum.


Respectfully submitted,

Peggy Ammendola





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