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Board of Health Meeting Minutes 08/04/2004
Town of Lenox
Board of Health

Minutes of Meeting - August 4, 2004

Members Present:   Joseph A. Kellogg, Chair, Marie V. Feder, Andrew J.  Breslin

Chair J. Kellogg called the meeting to order at 7:30 p.m. in the Lenox Town Hall. It was noted that the July meeting had been canceled.  Minutes of the June 3, 2004 meeting were reviewed and signed by all members.

Robert Barzottini was present with an application for a massage license.  The Board reviewed the application and determined that it contained the required information, subject to an acceptable background check by Tri-Town Health.   The signature page, however, was not available and it was agreed that, once the background check was completed, one of the members would sign, designating the Board’s approval.   

Rebecca (Devica) Elish was present with an application for a massage license, however it was not completed.  The Board reviewed all supporting documentation, and found such documents to be acceptable.  R. Elish said she would complete the application form and re-submit it for consideration.  

Patricia Lucciardi was present with an application for a massage license, however, the Board found that it was not fully completed.  P. Lucciardi was upset at the requirement that all questions be answered on the application form itself, but said she would fill out the noted sections and re-submit for the Board’s consideration.

The mail was read and included the following:

?       copy of letter from Peter Kolodziej, Tri Town Health, to Gregory Federspiel, Town Manager, asking for an update on the complaint received by the Selectmen relative to the lack of sanitary facilities at War Memorial Field
?       letter from Maxymillian Technologies, advising of action they are taking on behalf of Northern Construction Service to address a release of diesel fuel to the sedimentation pond between the Upper and Lower Root Reservoirs
?       letter from O’Reilly, Talbot & Okun, filing a report on the outcome of a No.2 fuel oil release at Eastover Resort at 430 East Street

Lenox Board of Health
Meeting Minutes - August 4, 2004
Page 2.

?       letter from the Western Regional Office of the Mass. Department of Public Health informing the Board of the availability of emergency coverage by a Public Health Nurse to assist with any infectious disease outbreaks
?       copy of letter from Kathleen Phelps, Tri Town Health, to Foresight Land Services, approving the connection of a renovated schoolhouse to an existing septic system at the Werman property on Undermountain Road
?       copy of letter from Richard Fuore, Lenox DPW, to The Lenox Club, advising that all previous cross connection violations have been corrected
?       copy of letter from Kathleen Phelps to Tjasa Sprague advising of items that need to be corrected at the Undermountain Day Camp as a result of a recent inspection
?       letter from the Berkshire Visiting Nurse Association, transmitting their quarterly statistical report of services provided to Town residents
?       copy of letter from Kathleen Phelps to Al and Betty Smith, approving an application to install a tight tank at 480 Housatonic Street
?       copy of letter from Kathleen Phelps to the Cliffwood Inn, with a response from Joy Ferrelly, proprietor, relative to Ms. Ferrelly’s concerns about the Tri-Town Health Department’s policy of sampling public and semi-public swimming pools twice a month
?       copy of letter from Peter Kolodziej to BFI Berkshire County, thanking them for the donation of a dumpster for a recent Household Hazardous Waste Collection event in Lee
?       copy of letter from Peter Kolodziej to Panda House Restaurant reminding them of the need to prepare a HAACP plan
?       copy of letter from Peter Kolodziej to Boot Mills South, certifying that Kimberly Kelly, Tri Town employee, is eligible to take the Title 5 inspector course
?       copy of letter from the Board of Selectmen to Marc Aronoff, 33 St. Ann’s Avenue, advising him of the need to comply with a Town bylaw, requiring that garbage receptacles need to be placed on the side or rear of his home
?       letter from A.S.A.P. Adjustment service notifying the Board of an insurance claim involving water damage at Building 9, Unit 1, Rolling Hill
?       letter from T.E. O’Brien Insurance Adjusters, notifying the Board of an insurance claim involving water damage at 26 St. Ann’s Avenue


Lenox Board of Health
Meeting Minutes - August 4, 2004
Page 3.

?       letter from the Zoning Board of Appeals asking for recommendations on the selection of a consultant for an independent review of a cell tower proposed to be constructed at 30 Lee Road

A brief discussion was held about the status of renovations at the Vahle property located at the corner of West Mountain Road and Pittsfield Road.

There being no further business before the Board, the meeting adjourned at 8:40 p.m.


Joseph A. Kellogg

Marie V. Feder
Andrew J. Breslin

Lenox Town Hall  6 Walker Street, Lenox, MA 01240   PH: (413) 637-5500