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Community Center Minutes 9/20/17
                           Lenox Community Center
                                   Board Meeting
                               September 20, 2017

Attendance:  Kim Graham, Director, Tony Patella, Chairman, Steve Coon, Mike Cooney, Rose Casey, Jen Picard and Francie Sorrentino.  Sheri Gaherty is absent from tonight’s meeting.

Public Comment:  NONE

Acceptance of Minutes:  Jen/Rose- Minutes accepted.

Senior Services Report:  No Report this month.  However, Kim has an update from Jen as part of her new job:

Jen reports, Adult/Family program:  Tanglewood-Pops 7/7 refreshments in Shed and Tent, 20 seniors 40 Campers attended. A couple of inter-generational activities…Jen hosted an Ice Cream Social; SoCo donated Price Chopper Gift Cards for the Toppings.  It was held on the Curtis porch everyone enjoyed conversation and ice cream….check out the Face book page for pictures.  Yoga= gentle flow- Delores will be with us once a month throughout the Fall on a donation basis only…then the money collected will be turned back to the Center.

Fall programs- Monday with Me will be hosted from 10:00 to 11:00 in the Center’ living room. Rep. Smitty Pignatelli was here with us on September 2.  September 11th Chris Ketchen joined us.  September 18th Cameron Spaulding was with us.

Friday is Square Dancing classes through October 13th.  Our seniors will take a Fall Foliage ride via School bus instead of our van which only seats 9.  They will travel to Bartlett’s then off to Williamstown….Lunch at Pub 6 at the cost of $16.95 per person.

Our new Van is coming soon and will seat 14- we look forward to putting it to good use.

Our senior lounge is popular….there will be a Search the WEB session held in the lounge.

Deb Carter will hold a Holiday themed class at $5.00 per class up to 10 people.  Everyone will go home with a craft that they made.

We continue to draw 25-30 people for our congregate lunches.

Card making class for 10 people @ $5.00 per person will make 3-D cards.

Tuesday Topics:  Doctor’s and Nutritionist will come to speak.

Family Halloween party will be from 1:00 to 4:00 in the Ballroom on October 24th.  

Lu a Hale luncheon was held on 9/19.

Our annual Holiday trip is December 9th – heading to Boston.

Who’s Who game:  On our bulletin board there are pictures of our seniors in their younger years….see how many you can name.

Side Bar this month will be Attorney Jed Hall.

Youth Services Report:  Summer camp went really well!  Field trips and Beach days were fun for everyone.  The season wrapped up with our annual trip to Grahamville….Thank you to Kim and Tom for hosting a great day once again for our kids.

As of September 20th we have 129 kids enrolled in the after school program.  There are 99 elementary school age and 30 middle school age.

We are grateful for the updated and redecorated game room and backroom space.  This is a great way to kick off our school year.  For staff this year we have Mo Gaherty, Emma Huber, and Avya Schiff.  Avya is new to our staff and is a senior at LMMHS.  The homework room is up and running successfully and we are happy to have Edna and Rose back to help out.

Classes offered:  Chess, Clay & Cloth, Dodge ball with Wendy Allergrone-Leslie….all continue to be popular and make for a full day for our kids.

Fall Youth Soccer is going well!  Mark and Simon from Black Rock FC have been great to work with in organizing the program.  We have 64 kids participating this year.  We have new T-shirts ordered…our old T-shirts are being donated to those affected by the recent hurricanes in either Texas or Florida.  We have 13 sponsors again this year, some old sponsors and some new which is great.  Soccer ends on October 28th.

Guys Night Out is planned for October 20th from 6-7:30 playing basketball and having pizza at Morris school.

We will offer the Red Cross Babysitting Course again and it is scheduled for Saturday October 21.  It will be open to 12 kids, will take place in the lunch room from 9:00 to 4:30 and we will provide lunch.

A flyer was sent out through Morris school regarding children and their parents viewing the 250th Parade with us in front of the Academy Building and then joining in at the end of the parade to go down to Shakespeare and Company for the festivities.  The Parade will be October 7th at 11:00.  Kim and I along with Tess Sorrentino have organized a kid/family fun area with different lawn games and face painting down at Shakespeare.

Directors Report:  Beach update- started the day after Labor Day, finish date is set for mid-October.  No hiccups as yet…project going along nicely.

Building update:  Coming along base board heating in the works.  This project started 3 weeks ago.  Kim has little information on the project.  Ed lane and the Town Building Committee have been through.  No HEP VAC – Mike Cooney wants to know who the liaison is on the Town Building Committee- Kim is not sure who that is.  The LCC Board has many questions….Tony Patella-Chairperson will reach out to Chris Ketchen, Town Manager to get some answers.

                         Meeting adjourned 7:08

                                                         Respectively submitted,

                                                      Francie Sheehan Sorrentino


Lenox Town Hall  6 Walker Street, Lenox, MA 01240   PH: (413) 637-5500