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Community Center Minutes 10/19/2016
                                                                                              Lenox Community Center
                                                                                                    Board Meeting
                                                                                                 October 19th, 2016

Attendance:  Sheri Gaherty, Rose Casey, Kim Graham-Director, Tony Patella-Chairman, Steve Coon and Francie Sorrentino.  Mike Cooney was absent from this meeting.

Public Comment:  None

Acceptance of Minutes:  Accepted – Sheri/Rose

Youth Services:  Kim tells us that we now have 135 registered kids for our After School program.  This total has us right on track.  The weather has been great!  Sandra from Bartlett’s Orchard made Cider donut’s from the 4 bushel of apples donated, then made apple monster’s with the left over apples.

Hip Hop seems to be slowing up a bit, this will resume after Thanksgiving.  Chess is down in numbers as well even with a waiting list.  Sheri suggested moving these to the winter months so they can play outside in the good weather.  Sewing is going quite well.  We have 2 kids on a waiting list; this class runs to Thanksgiving then again in December.  Model Building with Tim Blair is over.  Emma Huber’s Illustration Class is a big hit, the current theme is Disney and Halloween.

Tuesday October 10th Tanya Shepardson hosted the first dance night for ladies, it was a good turnout and everyone had a great time.

Wendy Allergrone/Leslie who is hosting Flag football has schedule issues, we are working them out.  Matt Merritt is willing to offer Hockey again this season.  Guys Night Out will be this Friday- 10/21/16.  Soccer is going well and everyone is happy.

Holiday Trip is full!  We have 17 people on a waiting list.  The Center will bring a bus full to NYC for shopping and time in the City to do what you choose to do.

Halloween Parade will be on Halloween itself 10/31/16- starting at St. Ann Church parking lot down Main Street to the Center where goodies will be handed out.  Kim is looking for a driver to pull Rennie’s wagon.

Nut Shell Playhouse performs all over the Country and will come here to do a play in November in the Ballroom.  Kim tells us that the money donated from the Credit Union will be used to make this event happen.  We are very grateful to the Credit Union for this opportunity.

Senior Report:  Kim shows us the NEW Lenox Sentry which is now in color and pictures are added….looks great!  A much easier read.

Electra’s Café did lunch on 10/17 – 60 of our senior’s attended and had a great afternoon here at the Center.

Sue Holmes took 9 of our senior’s on a Foliage Ride, they went to Taft Farm in Great Barrington and on a Hay ride.  It was a beautiful fall day and everyone had a great time.

SHINE: Full in Open Enrollment.

So far we have one student from LMMHS who has volunteered to do Smart Phone tutoring with our senior’s.  This was a great program last year with students from the LMMHS National Honor Society instructing the program. Kim has not heard from the school yet, if there would be any more students participating.

Porch Light/Visiting Nurse Assoc.:  The flu clinic was hosted here at the Center for 11:00; however, the Nurse didn’t show up until 11:30.  Once he got here she did not have the vaccine with him….a member of Porch Light had to bring the vaccine to him here at the Center.  Kim had to give him gloves and band-aids.  Kim was grateful that Maureen Salvatore was here as a volunteer, she was a great help in getting the process moving.

Attorney Side Bar:  Jeff Lynch will be our next Attorney to come and chat in Side Bar with our senior’s here at the Center.

Sean Ward with Sue Holmes is working out Veteran’s Day details.

Fix It Fair will be here for the second time on Saturday 10/21/16.  This proved to be a great program when they hosted it during the summer.  

Kim has noticed that the Congregate meals offered here at the Center are growing in numbers…this is a good sign…always great to bring people together.  The van continues to be extremely busy.

Director’s Report:  Update on the heating system, the trailer is parked outside….that is as far as we have gotten so far.  The Engineer did a three phase system when the Center is a one phase system.  Chris Ketchen-TM is on top of this and the error should fall back on the Engineer’s $61,000.00 cost. We are hoping that the new system will be up and running by the end of October.  How fortunate are we to have the warmer weather continue?

Roof Repair is done!  The $3,500.00 came from DPW funds.  We continue working with the Engineer for the roof on the Fire House and Center.  The Sullivan Field project at Tillitson is DONE.  Kim hopes to meet with Tim Lee, Superintendent of schools and Chris Ketchen TM about maintaining all the fields long term.

Beach Update:  Clarke’s Green and Forsight time line= bid 2/22 due before 3/22 start 4/17 end date of 6/30 providing no issues. Time will tell.

Tony Patella-Chairman talked to Chris Ketchen-TM about the Trust Account here at the Center.  Tony did not talk to Channing Gibson our liaison to the Selectmen.  Kim asks if we could go ahead as planned with the lounge project.

Kim is on vacation 11/1 through 11/14.  Kim is all set with paper work and such.  Paula Downer will process 11/7 payroll accordingly.  Matt Fenton will have closing up schedule and such.  

Malari Temp Services send Brandon, who has not left.  Sully is back from surgery.  Kim was missing invoices from Calagari’s, 5 total.  It appears that Brandon charged things that did not go back to the Center in the amount of $43.00.  The town is not making a big thing out of this.  Kim contacted Brandon and has not received any response.  Malari Temp Services were notified and will reimburse the Town.  Brendan apologized to Kim for being lazy.

New/Old Business:  NONE

                                                                                          Meeting adjourned:  6:57pm
                                                                                          Next Meeting 11/16/2016
Respectively Submitted,

Francie Sheehan Sorrentino

Lenox Town Hall  6 Walker Street, Lenox, MA 01240   PH: (413) 637-5500