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Community Center Minutes May 18, 2016
                                Lenox Community Center
                                      Board Meeting
                                      May 18, 2016

Attendance:  Kim Graham-Director, Rose Casey, Sheri Gaherty, Steve Coon, Tony Patella-Chairman, Francie Sorrentino, Michael Cooney-absent.

Public Comment:  NONE

Acceptance of Minutes:  Sheri made a motion, seconded by Steve Coon – Minutes of March 22, 2016- Accepted.

Senior Report:  Tiltson Park:  Steve Coon states that next year there needs to be guidelines.  Joan Schultz cancelled games….The Town is paying for work to be done with the Third base line and Home Plate.  Kim is hoping to meet with Tim Lee, Joan Schultz and Chris Ketchen about the Park.

Senior Report:  Our Hospice segment has a great turnout. June Green spoke of Health Care Proxy’s= 5 wishes, the MOLST Form which allows you to post your wishes, Bereavement Services….Not to end life….to enhance life.

The “Fix It” Fair was a huge success, they hope to host another one in the fall.

Heritage House is bringing pizza for the next luncheon.  Our Picnic will be held on June 5th here at the Center, the Zink Band will be performing.

Eight ladies came to our new Craft Class; a good time was had by all.

Kim tells us that the “Mass Mailing” is complete 1,200 letters were mailed stating what services and such the Center has to offer.  We hope to draw some of our “younger” seniors to participate in activities.

Mary Jane Collins is starting a Book Club.  On June 14th Michelle from the RMV will be here to talk about old drivers and different issues re:  What risk there are, disabilities, placard-cards, etc. This was advertised in the Sentry and the Berkshire Eagle.

We have seven new van riders, 33 different on average each month.  We served 135 Congregate meals in April compared to 109 in April of last year.

Youth Report: With the grass area back in shape the kids are enjoying being outside.  The Egg dying did not happen….there was more interest in BINGO.  Jen is working on Intergenerational Events.  The Easter Scramble went well…thank you Sully for everything.  Babysitting Class went well; we hope to host another one perhaps in the fall.  GPS Soccer is going well considering the weather, we cannot use the school, trying to look for another field.  It is difficult with last minutes cancellations; it messes up the parent’s plans and such.

April Vacation was jammed packed with several events; the kids played games, went to Hancock Shaker Village, spent Earth Day at Lilac Park, Adams Community Bank donated “mini” pots to plant, they played kick ball at Ore Bed, made sheet forts.

Sewing Class has 7 machines now.  Jen Picard helps Deb Carter out with the class.  Matt Merritt switched from Hockey to Whiffle Ball…Kids are having fun.  Emma Huber continues with her Illustrations Class, she has 9 kids participating.

T-Ball starts on April 30th along with Coaches Pitch.  We have three teams for each. Saturdays from 9:00 to NOON through June 25th.  Boys and Girls Night Out were both cancelled in April.  Kim contacted a program to bring Service Camp to the Center donated by the Greylock Credit Union.  Swim Lessons will run July and August sessions. There will be a workshop with Barrington Stage and Berkshire Circus.  We will wrap up the summer with the end of summer outing at Grahamville.

Director’s Report:  Kim tells us that all Capital items are approved for July 1.  The Men’s room is completed.  Universal lighting- sensor’s etc., Game room painting, new lunch room ceiling have been approved.

The Boiler here in the Center is “shot”. It has been approved to hire an Engineer for plans of the building.  Two companies came in to give scenarios, we may have to have two boilers=Zone=switch to water.  This is a six week process costing approx. $50,000.00 with another $50,000.00 to rent a boiler….we are finding that companies do not rent Boilers. We are reluctant to sign up for temporary service because the Engineer will take it all out.  The Finance Committee/ CIC suggest calling Pittsfield Piper’s to clean etc.  Results= Get Engineer process done, then a Special Town Meeting  will need to be conducted, then the May Town Meeting of 2017 to replace Boiler via Engineer’s plan.  There will be a meeting on May 23 for the Beach process in the fall= turned over to a new person, those meeting will be Chris Ketchen, Channing Gibson, Kim and the new guy.

Summer help are all hired.  Kelsey Moore is a “floater”, Life Guards are set; Michelle Hafle, Emma Merritt and Connor.  Kim had First Aid / CPR recertification done this past week for all the LCC Staff.

COA appreciation gifts:  Kim went with gift certificates this year, through Loeb’s; each of the 34 seniors received a $20.00 gift certificate, along with a letter of thanks.

Appointments of LCC Board:  We still have a vacancy; we need to replace Shirley Benson.  The terms of board members are as follows: Michael Cooney – 2017
             Rose Casey-2016
             Steve Coon-2018
             Sheri Gaherty-2018
             Tony Patella-2016
             Francie Sorrentino-2018
             Vacancy- 2017

New/Old Business:  NONE

                          Meeting adjourned @ 7:05pm

                  Next Meeting- June 15, 2016- 6:00pm

                                                           Respectively submitted,

                                                       Francie Sheehan Sorrentino

Lenox Town Hall  6 Walker Street, Lenox, MA 01240   PH: (413) 637-5500