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Community Center Minutes 10/21/2015
                                  Lenox Community Center
                                        Board Meeting
                                      October 21, 2015
                                               6:00 pm

6:04 pm

Attendance:  Steve Coon, Mike Cooney, Sheri Gaherty, Rose F. Casey, Kim Graham-Director, Tony Patella-Chairperson and Francie Sorrentino

Public Comment: NONE

Acceptance of Minutes:  Steve Coon/motion – Sheri Gaherty/second=Accepted.

Election of Officers:  Announcement has been made through the Selectmen’s meeting for our vacancy to the LCC Board.
*** Chair= Tony Patella (Rose/Mike)
     Vice Chair= Sheri Gaherty (Tony/Francie)
     Secretary= Francie Sorrentino (Steve Coon/Rose)

Senior Report:  Sue reports that a Smart Phone Seminar will be held here for our seniors.  Dave Pugh from LMMHS is offering his National Honor Society students to hold a class.  Dave Pugh has three responses so far.  Sue Holmes is working on a November class.

Monthly luncheons continue to be popular – Electra’s Café offered this round and it was great.  We held our SHINE session for open enrollment right after the lunch.  Sue Holmes is taking 10 seniors for a Foliage ride on 10/22/15 then to Blueberry Café and Hilltop Orchards for some Wine Tasting.  Good time was had by all.

Both Flu Clinics offered were well attended.  We hosted 20 some people the first round and 16 this round.

COA Side Bar where a local Attorney comes to speak about various needs to our seniors- this is very well attended.

Poker continues to be a big hit…..Ladies are welcome.

Mr. Cohen’ Water Color Class continues to be extremely popular.  Sue Holmes is helping and guiding our Elders in filling out Fuel Assistance forms.  Liz Cogswell is coming the third Friday of each month to do crafts with our seniors.

We had 107 attend the congregate meals in September and we now have 4 new volunteers in serving the meals.  The van continues to be extremely busy serving 158 trips.

Youth Services Report:  Jen reports that our after school program is growing.  We have new staff- Mo Gaherty, Laney Blair, Molly O’Brien and Sara Giovine helping out with the kids in the afternoons.

Deb Carter will be holding a 4 week Sewing Class, the second class will be 6 weeks.  Chess continues to be popular.  Hockey is in the ballroom until the Rink goes up…..where?  Perhaps back at Ore Bed….we shall see.

Bisque, Beads and Beyond has given the kids (boys and girls) a chance to create some really great projects.

Guys Night Out= 23 people attended, they ordered pizza and had a great night. Girls Night Out was canceled-there were 16 signed up.

Halloween Teen Night- Jen worked really hard however it did not fly.  Six people signed up….we come to the conclusion that “teens” do not want to be chaperoned.  Jen is willing to keep trying.

Saturday October 31 is the Halloween Parade.  We do not have the Mid-School Band this year as they do not do weekends.  The horses and riders in costume will be coming though.

Holiday trip to Boston is planned for December 5th- the group (full bus) will be seeing Elf then will enjoy some shopping at Quincy Market.  A lot of families are attending this trip, should prove to be a good time.

Mike Cohen who offers Water Color class to our seniors, Jen asked if he would do the kids and he said yes.

There will be a workshop on Saturday and the project will be making Holiday gifts for parents and family members.  Tanya Shepardson will be holding a LEGO Club.

Director Report:  Our floor project is moving forward, Mullen Movers are coming to move the furniture to a POD in the driveway on October 12th.  The floors will be buffed and polished on the 13 and 14th. The Center will open back up on the 16th.  After school program will be in session however other classes will be canceled.  Our seniors will continue to get lunch.

Tony Patella asked about phones was there a new system put in.  Kim tells us that yes, a new system has been installed in July. Kim tells us that the Game Room floor was installed over the summer as well.  The upstairs Men’s bathroom is to be done next.  Kim does not have a Budget packet yet to share with us.

Our 5 year improvement plan consist of getting estimate for new roof for the Center, Tennis courts, flooring for both kitchens (Tri-Town health inspected and stated that both floors need to be done)

Mike Sullivan-Caretaker is back, he has been released from doctor care- Matt Fenton is staying on until November 1, 2015.  We have not heard any word on the Beach grant yet….

New/Old Business: NONE

                                 Meeting adjourned@ 6:44 pm

                                                                               Respectively submitted,

                                                                           Francie Sheehan Sorrentino

Lenox Town Hall  6 Walker Street, Lenox, MA 01240   PH: (413) 637-5500