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Community Center Minutes11/20/2013
                                  Lenox Community Center
                                        Board Meeting
                                     November 20, 2013

Attendance:  Jim Sorrentino, Kim Graham- Director, Shirley Benson, Tom McCormack, Tony Patella, Sheri Gaherty and Francie Sorrentino.  Absent:  Steve Coon

Acceptance of Minutes:  Accepted

Public Comment:  NONE

Senior Report:  Yesterday, 50 seniors had lunch at Cork n Hearth as part of our monthly luncheons.  In October our luncheon was held at the Luau Hale with Grass Skirts and all.  Our December luncheon will be hosted by Kimball Farms with the ever famous “Dose Amigo’s” as entertainment.  

Our Van Driver took a group on a Fall Foliage ride; they stopped at the Huntington General Store, had lunch then headed after a nice day throughout the Berkshires.

SHINE volunteer is helping with Medicare Open Enrollment.  She added an extra day to accommodate the request.

On November 22, 1013 – this Friday our Coffee Hour will host an Hour on President John F. Kennedy.  On this day his 50th anniversary people are invited to come and share their memories, and memorabilia.  Smitty will be on board with a few others to Proctor the Coffee Hour.

Liz Cogswell from the Village at Laurel Lake comes the third Monday of each month to “call” bingo, and to do crafts with our seniors.  Liz adds to their time here at the Center.

On November 7th Kim along with Sue Holmes attended the Lenox Unit of the Salvation Army meeting.  At this meeting Kim learned about VIM (volunteers in medicine) a group of doctors and dentist who help those in need.  Other avenues were discussed at this meeting on how we can offer assistance to people in our Community.

Kim shares that our COA can no longer issue forms and such for Fuel Assistance through BCAC – people requesting fuel assistance need to go directly to BCAC in Pittsfield, because of Government cutbacks.  

Our van remains extremely busy averaging 48 riders – 4441 trips.

Brown Bag offered from the Food Bank is still popular.  This helps to subsidize some of our elder’s food bills.  The items left over go to the Lenox Food Pantry.

Youth Report: So, due to the weather we had to cancel our Halloween Parade – however, we did still hand out candy and trinkets.  A lot of kids went through the Center collecting their goodies regardless.  All the left over candy went to Dr. Gotterrer’s Office to be shipped out to our Troops.

Fall Soccer ended on November 2 each participant received a Lenox bag.

The Holiday trip to NY will be leaving the Center @ 8:00am.  The trip is sold out.

There are still a few openings in our Wreath Making Class that will be held on December 5th at 6:00pm.

Brunch with Mr. and Mrs. Claus will be on December 15th @ NOON.

We continue to offer a variety of classes; ART with Deb Carter, Food Adventures, Co-Op, Bousquet Skiing, (Thursday is Family ski day), Chess, etc.  There is no school on Friday so the kids will enjoy a day of swimming at Berkshire South.

Guys Night Out – 25 people participated, Kim thanks Tom and Tony for helping out with this.

Tom McCormack asks about Piano Lessons offered here at the Center for kids.  Kim explains that on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s here at the Center, lessons will be offered for three hours with one hour sessions.

Budget:  Not a whole lot to say – we are Level Funded once again.  Kim hands out paper work regarding Budget.

Director’s Report:  Budget= Kim would like a Dock at our Beach.  Sully needs a leaf blower for the Riding Lawn mower, we need wood chips for the play structure.  Wood chips are costly; Lane’s advises an 8 inch thickness to be in code.  Kim would like to see the floors throughout the Center re-finished a new Game room floor and tile hallway.  Men’s bathroom has been moved out to 2017.

Tom says that the Lee Youth Association some things through United Way.  Tom asks if we could and Kim explains no we are a Municipal funded department through a Town budget.

Building project – Back out to bid.  Two bids came through one from Geary and one from Meadows Construction. The difference in the Bid is $60,000.00.  The original money did not come close.  Re-bid = Meadow $233,000.00 / Geary $290,000.00.  Jeff Vincent is going to the Selectmen to approve contract with Meadow.  This project will reach completion through stages re- Front, Back, etc.  Then we go to the Town in May for the remaining funds of $115,000.00 with a total project of $233,000.00.

Shirley Benson asks who broke it down in to phases and Kim stated that “We”/town did- the Asbestos removal killed us.  Jim Sorrentino asks how many bids went out- Kim gave out 7 packets- no one local, Pignatelli said that it is too much to handle.  If the Selectmen sign off we could start next month.  Kim expresses to us that she is learning a lot and that Jeff is on the ball.  Kim shares with us that she is NOT happy with Bradley and will never use them again.  Geary did not accept any responsibility of the roof leaking – in fact they blamed the Architect.

GOOD NEWS ~ Mold Remediation is complete!  You would not recognize the basement- it is all new.

BAD NEWS – is over in the Living Room corner in the Basement we get a puddle and Jeff is thinking about how to fix this.  It cost $33,000.00 to remove the Mold and such.  The Insurance does not cover the contents in the basement ruined by the water damage.

Not in Budget:  Kim would like $1,000.00 to replace the Art supplies and Holiday decorations and would like to purchase paper for the kids to draw on and bins with lids to store things in.  Jim suggests that Kim contact Ed Lane our liaison to the Selectmen and ask for the $1,000.00.  Kim will contact Ed.

CPC:  Backyard fees $10,300.00.  Construction fees are 12% of the $10,300.00.  Kim is going to CPC for $75,000.00 towards this project.

The Beach project- $12,000.00 for the Architect fees.

Out Reach:  Church on the Hill contacted Kim via Shirley needs specific needs- match those.

New and Old Business:  NONE

Ongoing Business:  Jim asks about Dog Park – Lenox Land Management Committee could be looking for a spot.  Tony says that the Selectmen approved the new committee – it will be similar to CPC with a member of each Board to create the Lenox Land Management Committee.

Meeting adjourned @ 8:27pm

Next Meeting – January 15th, 2014 @ 7:00pm

                                                                            Respectively submitted,

                                                                         Francie Sheehan Sorrentino

Lenox Town Hall  6 Walker Street, Lenox, MA 01240   PH: (413) 637-5500