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Lenox Solar Initiative Grant Program:
Lenox Solar Initiative Grant Program: Receive up to $2000
Sponsored by the Lenox Environmental Committee

As stewards for Sustainability our mission is to help you translate your environmental values into a practical reality.  As part of our efforts, we are seeking to assist residents offset the cost of installing clean solar energy systems in the Town of Lenox. We offer a $2000 grant to home owners and businesses that install a solar energy system.

This grant is made possible through the Green Communities Act.  The Town of Lenox has been designated a Green Community by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.  The Communities Division provides funding to qualified municipalities for energy efficiency and renewable energy initiatives.~By meeting five rigorous qualification criteria, the Town of Lenox has demonstrated a commitment to reducing its energy consumption, pursuing clean renewable and alternative energy projects, and providing for economic development in the clean energy sector.

Application process:
  • Contact Mass Save at 866-527-7283 to schedule a free home energy assessment – or visit to learn about the assessment and its many incentives.
  • Implement changes recommended by Mass Save assessment.
  • Mass Save will pay for 75% (up to $2000) of recommended measures such as added insulation.  The home energy assessment will also include free air sealing and a solar site assessment.
  • Contact solar vendor to schedule a site visit and receive an installation quote.
  • Current benefits of a solar installation may include  a 30% Federal tax credit,  a 15% Massachusetts tax credit, 0% interest loan (on solar hot water) through Mass Save program, and a $2000 Lenox Solar Initiative Grant.
  • Submit application for Lenox Solar Initiative Grant.
  • Grant will be awarded upon completion of solar installation.

If there are any questions, please contact our community sustainability coordinator, Keith O’Neil at 413-717-1945 or

Lenox Environmental Committee
Solar Grant Application Form

Name:_________________________       Application date:______________________  

Installation Address:_____________________________________________________

Mailing Address (if different from installation address)___________________________

Phone number:____________________    E-mail address:_______________________  

Building or Customer type.  Check all that apply:
___New Construction             ___Existing Home                ___Commercial
___Single Family Res.   ___Multi-family         ___Agricultural

3 Types of Grants.  Select all that apply:

___Solar Hot Water

___Solar Photovoltaic (PV)

___Solar PPA Agreement (e.g. SunRun Program)

CHECKLIST: (This form will be returned if the following are not included)
___Site map
___Photo(s) of installation site
___ Shading Analysis Results
___ Signed copy of Installer-Customer Purchase Agreement including expected date of completion.
___ Mass Save energy assessment findings and proof/verification of implemented measures taken.
___ Copy of most recent electric bill for all meters on the premises.

The Town of Lenox reserves the right to make a reasonable number of visits during the installation and for up to 6 months following project completion. Such visit(s) will be at a time convenient to the Applicant. The purpose of the visit(s) is to provide the Town of Lenox with an opportunity to ensure that the eligible energy efficient measures are installed consistent with the program standards and to assess the energy savings.

I certify, under the penalties of law, that the statements made in this application (including statements made in any accompanying papers) have been examined by me and are true and complete. I understand that by signing this application, I consent to any other inquiry to verify or confirm the information I have given.
I understand that this application does not guarantee that assistance will be granted but will be used in determining eligibility for the program. Whether or not an eligible applicant will be provided assistance will depend, in part, upon the number of applications received, the remaining funds available and the priorities to be met by the program.

Applicants Printed Name____________________________________________

Applicant’s Signature_______________________________________________ Date____________________________

(The payment will be made to the owner name and address where the system is installed as identified above unless authorized by owner.)
I hereby authorize payment to be made to directly to the following party:
Make checks payable to:         Name _______________________________________

St Address___________________________________

City, State, Zip________________________________

(Printed Name)

_____________________________________                       __________________
(Signature)                                                     (Date)

All forms and attachments should be sent to:
Lenox Environmental Committee
Town of Lenox
6 Walker Street
Lenox, MA   01240

Lenox Town Hall  6 Walker Street, Lenox, MA 01240   PH: (413) 637-5500