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Affordable Housing Committee Minutes 12/03/2012

Lenox Affordable Housing Trustees Meeting
December 3, 2012

Committee Members present:  Kate McNulty-Vaughan (KMV), Jo Anne Magee (JAM), Ellen Jacobson (EJ), and Olga Weiss (OW).  Committee Members absent:  Debbie Burke.   Trustees present:  Kate McNulty-Vaughan (KMV), Ellen Jacobson (EJ), Jackie McNinch (JM), Jo Anne Magee (JAM), and Olga Weiss (OW).  Trustees absent:  Debbie Burke.

Also in attendance: Mary Albertson (MA), Town Planner.  

The meeting was opened at 4:05 PM.  

Discussion ensued regarding the fact that the Committee/Trustees have not elected a Chairman.  The consensus of the Committee/Trustees was to have a rotating Chairmanship.  JAM volunteered to chair the December 3rd meeting.  

JAM made a motion to approve the November 5, 2012 minutes of the Joint Meeting of the Housing Committee and Trustees with corrections. OW seconded the motion and the vote was 5-0 to approve.

JAM said that she contacted MA last week to discuss the CPC application deadline.  The deadline for FY’14 applications is December 31, 2012 @ 1:00 PM.  Given the deadline, JAM prepared a draft application seeking CPA funds for the purposed of establishing a second mortgage program.  This is the last scheduled meeting of the Committee/Trustees prior to the deadline.  

The idea of partnering with local banks on state and federal mortgage programs has been discussed for the last few months.  This is an opportunity to apply for CPA funds to establish this program.  It was noted that the Trustees could use existing funds to establish a second mortgage program.  However, this is a good opportunity to discuss the program with the CPC and to secure additional funds to establish this program.  Discussion ensued regarding the amount the Committee/ Trustees should request.  

KMV made a motion to submit an application to the CPC in the amount of $60,000 for the purpose of establishing a second mortgage program.  EJ seconded the motion and the vote was 5-0 to approve.  

Sub-Committee Reports:

Public Relations

EJ and KMV distributed an outline of the content to be added to the website.  JAM suggested that the meeting needs to adjourn by 5:00 PM and the discussion should be brief.  EJ noted that she felt too much time was spent on the previous topic and the website needs to be addressed today.  KMV suggested that the Committee/Trustees use the outline to expedite the discussion.  Discussion ensued regarding the content of the website.

JAM made a motion to endorse the following changes and additions to the website.  OW seconded the motion and the vote was 5-0 to approve.  
Website changes and content:  
)  The Housing Trust and Housing Committee will be one portal.  
2)  MA will be the day-to-day contact and her contact information will be on the website.  The Committee members and Trustees will be listed without contact information.  
3)  Continue to include minutes and agendas.
4)  Add the Mission Statement.
5)  Add the Guiding Principles, Affordable Housing Production Plan, “Report to the Lenox Affordable Housing Committee” (Kruger Report), the Declaration of Trust and the Sawmill Brook Housing Development Proposal.  
6) Newspaper Articles.
7) Housing Links such as the Lenox Housing Authority, Berkshire Taconic Community Foundation:  Housing US, the Mass Housing Partnership and CHAPA.  

Given time constraints, the Committee/Trustees tabled the discussion of The Berkshire Beacon.

Mortgage Program

Given the discussion earlier in the meeting regarding the CPC application there was no additional time spent on the discussion of the Mortgage Program.  

Sawmill Brook

This matter was tabled.  


JAM noted that at the last meeting the Committee/Trustees decided to fill the vacant positions, elect a permanent chair and then discuss potential reorganization.   She suggested that the Committee/Trustees continue with this strategy and talk to the Board of Selectmen about filling the vacant positions.  

The next meeting will be Monday – December 7, 2013 @ 4:00 PM.  OW volunteered to serve as Chair.

JM made a motion to adjourn at 4:55 PM.  OW seconded the motion and the vote was 5-0 to approve.  

Respectfully Submitted,
Mary Albertson, Town Planner

Approved:  1/4/13

Lenox Town Hall  6 Walker Street, Lenox, MA 01240   PH: (413) 637-5500